My Cheltenham Festival 2018 Picks and Tips

My Weight Loss Story + Advice and Tips! (2)

Hey guys!

So before I start a little disclaimer: I am not encouraging betting, I am not a professional and these are just my own opinions from what I have seen and read about the horses, the races and the trainers so I am not responsible for anything that may happen if you choose to copy my tips. If you choose to gamble over the festival period, please only bet money you can afford to lose, do not gamble more than you can afford to, please remember that betting is supposed to be fun. Thank you.

So now the serious part is out of the way, let’s get into my tips for the festival! Disclaimer: The prices I have put are correct at the time of writing this post via the Ladbrokes iPhone app, all horses are currently down to run, however this may change as the festival gets closer.

Tuesday 13th March:

Supreme Novices’ Hurdle: Kalashnikov – 4/1

Arkle Chase: Footpad – 11/8

Ultima Handicap Steeple Chase: Singlefarmpayment – 8/1

Champion Hurdle: Faugheen – 9/2

Mares Hurdle: Apple’s Jade – 8/13

National Hunt Chase: Dounikos – 7/1

Close Bros Handicap Chase: De Plotting Shed – 5/1

Wednesday 14th March:

Ballymore Novices Hurdle: Samcro – 4/6

RSA Chase: Black Corton – 7/1

Coral Cup: Bleu Et Rouge – 10/1

Champion Chase: Min – 9/4

Glenfarclas Cross Country Chase: Tiger Roll – 5/1

Fred Winter Juvenile Handicap Hurdle: Nube Negra – 10/1

Champion Bumper: Rhinestone – 8/1

Thursday 15th March:

JLT Novices’ Chase: Invitation Only – 10/3

Pertemps Network Final: Sort It Out – 10/1

Ryanair Chase: Un De Sceaux – 7/4

Stayers Hurdle: Yanwork – 5/1

Brown Advisory & Merriebelle Stable Plate: King’s Socks – 10/1

Mares Novices Hurdle: Laurina – 8/11

Fulke Walwyn Kim Muir Chase: Squouateur – 6/1

Friday 16th March:

Triumph Hurdle: Apple’s Shakira – 3/1

Randox Health County Handicap Hurdle: Max Dynamite – 8/1

Albert Bartlett Novices; Hurdle: Duc Des Genievres – 5/1

Gold Cup: Native River – 5/1 (If you haven’t already go check out my EXCLUSIVE interview with Richard Johnson who’s top Cheltenham tip was this horse back in October: )

Foxhunter Chase: Pacha Du Polder – 12/1

Martin Pipe Cond. Jockeys Handicap Hurdle: Flawless Escape – 8/1

Johnny Henderson Grand Annual Challenge Cup Handicap: Don’t Touch It – 10/1

So there you have it, all of my picks for the festival! As I previously stated, I am no professional, I just love the horse racing so decided to write up a post with my picks and tips for the festival because it’s any horse racing fans favourite week of the year. If you are having a bet this year I wish you the best of luck, be sure to message me with any tips and picks you may have and if you have any winners because I can’t wait for next week to start.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you’re not a horse racing fan, don’t worry I have plenty of posts to come that will interest everybody.

See you all very soon!






Life Update

life update

Hey guys!

I think I am possibly the worst blogger ever! No post in 3 months ahhhh! But I am back and ready to start writing again. Back in December I was rushed into hospital and I was diagnosed with meningitis, sepsis, dangerously low blood pressure and severe dehydration and the midwife told me I was lucky to be alive as my blood pressure had dropped so much that my body started to stop functioning and my organs had stopped working, so with all of that, a month of being severely ill and a week of being in hospital, I decided I wanted to take some time out to focus on myself. I took some time working on getting my health back, enjoying more family time, seeing my friends more and just enjoying my life because it really made me realise just how short life is and how you never really know what is around the corner so you need to enjoy yourself and live life to the full.

So in the last 3 months of being less active online a lot has happened. Firstly I decided to go to university, then decided I wasn’t sure and now I’m stuck with what to do. Secondly I completed dry January successfully! I wasn’t advised to, but I decided I would drink less and work on being healthier after being in hospital as I lost over a stone in the 3 weeks I was ill and I didn’t want to be unhealthy so decided to get myself sorted. And thirdly, most importantly, I got myself a boyfriend. 

Ashley Day, where do I start? When I was ill and I needed people around me, he had my back and cared more than most. We made things official on the 30th of December and I can honestly say I’m the happiest I have ever been. I never really understood people who said you’d ‘just know’ when you find ‘the one’ but now I really understand it because now I’ve found the person I want to spend my life with the feelings are a million times different to anything I’ve felt in the past. He’s not only my boyfriend but he’s also my best friend too and I am honestly so in love it’s mad.

I won’t ramble on about that though, I just wanted to post a quick update. Next week I am going to the Cheltenham Festival, which for those who don’t know is one of the biggest horse racing events in this country, I have tickets for two of the four days so I will be posting about those next week and my experience of the Cheltenham Festival for the first time. Over the next few days I will also be making a post of my top tips for the festival. I’ve bet on the Gold Cup winner the past 3 years so I’m on a roll, I can’t pick a winner every single time but the festival is the most exciting time of the year for any horse racing fan so I will be posting multiple posts over the next few days so keep your eyes out for them.

I also worked with Trentham Monkey Forest last weekend so I will have a post up about my experience with them, I am also working with Clue HQ Birmingham this weekend and West Midlands Safari Park in the next few weeks so I have a lot of exciting posts to come! Ash and I have also booked our first holiday together to Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria in June so I will be posting about that also. If you haven’t already click the social media tab at the top of the page and follow my social media accounts so you can keep up to date with all of the exciting things I have planned.

I am keeping it short and sweet, but I will be working harder to start writing more now I have the feeling of writing back! 









Domestic Violence

domestic violence

Hey guys!

As part of a project close to my heart, I am researching Domestic Violence. It is not only a part of my job to safeguard people, but as I have previously experienced it and someone close to me has also told me her story of domestic violence I am going to be writing about that today. I have done a lot of research into it and some of the facts and figures I have discovered are honestly heartbreaking, but I feel like it is something that needs to be spoken about more and something people need to be aware of so you can come forward if you’re in a situation similar to anything I describe in this post.

So firstly the Home Office definition of Domestic Violence is as follows: 

Any incident of threatening behaviour, violence or abuse (psychological, physical, sexual, financial or emotional) between adults who are of have been intimate partners or family members, regardless of gender or sexuality. 

Physical abuse includes:

  • Shaking
  • Smacking
  • Punching
  • Kicking
  • Tying up
  • Stabbing
  • Suffocation
  • Throwing things
  • Using objects as weapons
  • Genital mutilation

Physical effects are often in areas of the body that are covered and hidden.

Sexual abuse includes any situation in which a person is forces to participate in unwanted, unsafe or degrading sexual activity. Forced sex, even by a spouse or intimate partner with whom they also have consensual sex, is an act of aggression and violence. 

Psychological abuse includes:

  • Intimidation
  • Insulting
  • Isolating a person from friends and family
  • Criticising 
  • Denying abuse
  • Treating them as an inferior
  • Threatening to harm children or take them away
  • Forced marriage

Financial abuse includes:

  • Not allowing a person to work or choose their own career
  • Undermining efforts to find work or study
  • Rigidly controlling their finances
  • Restricting them to an allowance
  • Withholding money or credit/debit cards
  • Asking for an explanation of how every penny is spent
  • Withholding basic necessities (food, clothes, medication, shelter)
  • Stealing from them or taking their money
  • Gambling
  • Not paying bills

Emotional aims to chip away at a persons feelings of self-worth and independence, this includes:

  • Yelling
  • Swearing
  • Name calling
  • Blaming
  • Shaming
  • Undermining confidence
  • Making racist remarks
  • Making a person feel unattractive 
  • Calling them stupid or useless
  • Isolation
  • Intimidation
  • Controlling behaviour
  • Additionally throwing threats of physical violence or repercussions if you don’t do what they want

Domestic abuse occurs across the whole of society, regardless of race, age, religion, sexuality etc. It really can happen to anyone in any scenario. Here are some facts and figures I have found:

  • On average, 2 women a week, in the UK alone, are killed by a male partner or former partner; this contributes to around one third of all female homicide victims. 
  • 20% of women have been victims of sexual abuse since the age of 16. 
  • 75% of domestic violence cases result in physical injury or mental health consequences to women. 
  • 30% of domestic violence cases start during pregnancy. 
  • 75-90% of domestic violence incidents happen with a child/children in the same or next room.
  • The cost of physical healthcare treatment resulting from domestic violence (including hospital, GP, ambulance and prescriptions) is £1,220,247,000 per year.
  • 54% of rapes in the UK are committed by a woman’s current or former partner.
  • The police in the UK receive one call to stop domestic violence every minute.

All of the above facts can be found on the Woman’s Aid website.

A couple other interesting facts are that 32% of women who have ever experienced domestic violence did so 4,5 or more times and 11% of men who have ever experienced domestic violence did so 4,5 or more times. (Ref: Walby + Allen, 2004)

Now onto the effects of domestic violence on adults. Firstly the physical effects:

  • Bruising
  • Recurrent sexually transmitted infections
  • Broken bones
  • Burn or stab wounds
  • Death
  • Gynaecological problems
  • Tiredness
  • General poor health
  • Poor nutrition
  • Chronic pain
  • Miscarriage
  • Maternal deth
  • Premature birth
  • Self-harming behaviour

But of course, not all domestic abuse effects can be seen physically, in fact the list of psychological and/or behavioural effects is longer, they include:

  • Fear
  • Increasing likelihood of misusing drugs, alcohol or prescribed anti-depressants
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Poor mental health
  • Wanting to or actually committing suicide
  • Sleep distrubances
  • Post traumatic stress disorder
  • Anger
  • Guilt
  • Loss of self confidence
  • Feelings of isolation
  • Low self-worth
  • Panic or anxiety attacks
  • Eating disorders

So many people suffer domestic violence in silence because they’re too scared to come forward and talk about it, from personal experience I understand how hard it is and how scary it is. You think people will judge you, you think it’ll make things worse, you think people won’t believe you, you think it’ll make you seem weak. So many thoughts rush through your head and you decide actually, no I won’t tell anyone. You believe them when they say it ‘won’t happen again’. You believe that they ‘didn’t mean it’ because that’s what they told you. You believe that they’ll ‘change’ like they say you do, but then you end up in the same pattern and the same cycle over and over again and each time you’re taken in by the words they say. But if there is one thing I cannot stress enough it is that you need to speak out. You need to say something because if you don’t, one day it could go too far and it might be too late like it was for Linah Keza or Julie Sahin or even Sashana Roberts.

Domestic violence can be a taboo subject, people thinking you’re saying it for attention, people judging you, people saying you’re lying or making it up or it’s ‘in your head’ but that is not the case. If you feel you’re in a situation classed as violent, whether that be physically, emotionally, financially or anything I have described in this post, speak out. Talk to a friend, a parent, a family member, your doctor, speak to someone, because the brutal reality is, if it goes too far, you could end up dead. And if it isn’t you who ends up dead, it could be the next person they start a relationship with, or as some of the articles I linked above show, it could be someone’s child that gets killed. Innocent people lose their lives almost daily, I mean 2 women per week in the UK alone are killed by their partner or ex partner and 54% of rapes are by a partner or ex partner those statistics shocked me and upset me because it’s not something we hear about on mainstream news and it should be. We should be talking about it and making more women aware that there is help out there before it becomes too late for them.

Here are a few links of some charities that do amazing work and if you want more information or you need help then definitely check them out:

Woman’s Aid


Men’s Advice Line

The Hide Out

Another point I want to make, is safeguarding. In the job I do, I have to keep safeguarding at the top of my mind on a daily basis, if you don’t know what safeguarding is here is the definition:  Safeguarding means protecting people’s health, well being and human rights, and enabling them to live free from harm, abuse and neglect. If you know someone or suspect someone is in a violent relationship, say something, even if it’s not your job to do so. It’s my job to report it to the authorities and I’m not telling you to call the police if your friend has a bruised arm or something, I’m saying have that conversation. If your friend has continuously got bruises or is continuously panicking when their partner calls or messages them or they’re just not themselves, ask them if they’re okay, tell them you’re there for them, make them feel secure that they can open up to you and you won’t judge them but you’ll help them. By having that simple conversation, you could find out it’s nothing and that they’re clumsy and bang into the desk at work daily or you could find out they are in fact being abused and they need help to get out of that situation. It’s hard to judge a scenario and know when to speak out, but sometimes you have to take that risk because it could result in you saving a life simply by asking someone if everything is okay.

Recently, someone very close to me spoke out and came forward after years of abuse and I felt horrible, I felt ashamed that I hadn’t picked up on it, but that is one thing I realised when I experienced it myself, you become very good at hiding what you’re going through, especially if you live with that person, nobody will know what happens behind closed doors if you don’t tell them or show them. I am 100% against abuse, whether it be to animals, children, to woman or to men, abuse is not okay, emotionally, physically or anything, it is never okay.

I find posts like this so hard to write because it really hits me when I research facts and figures just how horrible it can be and how bad things can get for people. I have listed some charities above which are good for women, men and children who have been or are being effected by violence and abuse and I urge anyone who is reading this to take a look. If it does effect you, seek help and if it doesn’t, take a read and find out more because one day it could effect you or someone you know and by doing that little bit of reading and research it could save a life.

Thank you for reading.






Turning 21

turning 21

Heya guys!

So today’s post is all about my 21st. I was lucky enough to be gifted a lot of different things from different companies for my birthday so I’ll be including some of those in this post too, however I was not paid for anything I mention or include.

So on the 1st of November I turned 21 years old, madness because I still feel about 15, but now I am classed as a fully pledged adult! On my birthday I didn’t really make any plans because of it being midweek, I was planning everything for the weekend. However on my actual birthday I was surprised with a bunch of things I didn’t expect to receive, including a lovely gift from Marc Jacobs, their brand new ‘Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara’ which I didn’t expect at all, but was super grateful for as well as a bunch of goodies from Dollibox, again which I didn’t expect.

IMG_3585  IMG_4275

Thank you to my mom and dad for a cake and flowers too, they already spent so much money on me so I was super grateful for both on the day.

IMG_3672  IMG_3668

Also a massive thank you to Darcy for the birthday nails, he smashed it once again!


The day after my birthday I was then taken to see Nativity in the theatre, front row, which I absolutely loved! I loved the film, so the play had a lot to live up to and it definitely exceeded expectations!


Onto Friday, my party. A massive thank you to everyone involved in the planning and preparing of the day. As well as Aldi, who supplied the food, The Cake Box, who supplied my cake, Pryzm, who gave me a booth and free entry for my friends and I for the afterparty and Travelodge for the discount codes for some rooms for my friends and I for afterwards.



I haven’t planned a long post, just a few thank you notes and a few photos really as I haven’t posted in a while. So here are a couple photos from the night, a massive thank you to my old school friends who came to celebrate with me and all of my family, even those I have only met a couple times before. So grateful.

IMG_3760  54B03EC0-7DC5-40B9-91F0-CFA427BD3CF3

Overall I had the best 21st birthday, I got the time to celebrate with my best friends and my family and I enjoyed every single second. I was very drunk and I don’t remember much, but the bits I do remember I enjoyed. I want to say a massive thank you to all of the companies that helped to make my birthday a success as well as my parents more than anyone who helped me organise everything and make it perfect for me and the very few people I invited. I had a small party because if you know me, you’ll know how antisocial I am and I only keep very few people close to me and those are the ones I invited.

I know it is a short post, but I have quite a bit lined up for the next few months so keep your eyes peeled!



















Worcester Races + EXCLUSIVE Interview with Richard Johnson


Hey guys!

So this is probably my most anticipated post EVER. So many people who knew about my interview with Richard Johnson have been super excited to be able to read it, especially a very very EXCLUSIVE never before discussed Cheltenham Festival tip, which will be hidden somewhere in this post so make sure you read all the way through! 

So onto the post… I was lucky enough to be invited by the lovely people at Worcester Racecourse to a day of racing to experience their track and to interview a jockey or trainer of my choice. I chose one of the most successful jockeys of our time and the current Champion Jockey Richard Johnson, so that interview will be all included in this post. The aim of this collaboration is to show people, especially younger people that horse racing is not animal cruelty like most people think, in fact, these horses are some of the best treated animals I have ever seen. The people who care for them have true love and adoration for their animal and they treat them like royalty. 

Firstly I would like to thank Worcester especially Katherine who arranged for this to happen, I am super grateful for the opportunity to work with them as a company. The racecourse in itself is probably one of my favourite courses that I have been to. It is quite an open course so from the stands you can see 99% of the course, some courses I have been to the most part is behind trees etc and you don’t see much apart from the home straight, so I loved the fact it was so open and you could see the majority of the course. I attended Worcester twice within a few days, once invited and then I decided to go again on my own accord and I love it as a course overall. 

For me, I have always loved horse racing, it is something my parents, especially my dad, watched a lot whilst I was growing up and I took a real interest in it at around 16/17 years old, at 18 I began working for a bookmakers, which made me even more interested in horse racing as I was around it all day, every day and since then I have fallen in love with attending different courses, seeing different horses, meeting different jockeys and trainers and it really is something I enjoy doing.

Over the two days I was lucky enough to meet a few different people, including Jonjo O’Neil and Nicky Henderson, two world class trainers as well as Chris Hughes from Love Island who was part of the Jonjo O’Neil team and someone I never imagined I would meet as he very very rarely rides outside or Ireland, Barry Geraghty which was truly an honour as a massive horse racing fan.

IMG_2911 IMG_2910 IMG_2899 IMG_3115

And of course I met the incredible Richard Johnson who I had the privilege of interviewing. So here is the part you have all been waiting for. I sound recorded the interview, so here it is written word for word how it went down. Including the very exclusive Cheltenham tip so do not miss that part!

Me: What would you say to anyone who says jumps racing is animal cruelty?

Richard: Definitely not. To be honest anyone that thinks that they should always come and actually see what the horses do on a daily basis. They are literally cared for 24 hours a day, you know in great accommodation, their stables are fantastic, they literally have first class treatment you know, they get fed 3 or 4 times a day and they are cared for and the girls and lads that look after the horses, they’re like their pets basically. They don’t own them obviously, but they look after them as if they’re their own. And they have a fantastic life and they enjoy racing, no way in the world me as a jockey could make one of these horse jump one of these fences today you, know. I can’t physically make them go over, you know they have to enjoy it. Yes, unfortunately there are injuries along the way and that’s sad for everybody, but erm you know. The horses do enjoy it and I rode ponies when I was young because I enjoyed it and we all get enjoyment out of it and hopefully the public that come racing regularly, that’s what they see and enjoy.

Me: What is your favourite day in the racing calendar?

Richard: Oh god, it’s hard. I’m very spoilt because obviously I get to ride lots of nice horses as well. But I think the Cheltenham Festival is four days rather than one day but the Cheltenham Festival it’s a big build up throughout the whole season. That’s like our Olympics or World Championship I suppose, each year. The Irish come over in their droves to come to the races and the horses, it’s a massive outing, the Irish horses come over to run and yeah the four days at Cheltenham, obviously I’m from Hereford, not far from Cheltenham and I’ve lived around there for a long time so the atmosphere there is fantastic and anyone that, Worcester is obviously a great track for the Summer, but Cheltenham, if you want to go and get the atmosphere of a big race day there’s no better place.

Me: Do you miss AP (McCoy)? And if you, what’s the biggest thing that you miss about him?

Richard: I miss him. I miss him in the weighing room because he was a great friend obviously and I rode with him for over twenty years, so erm yeah we were great friends and I miss him as a great friend in the weighing room. I don’t miss him on the race course, in the fact he used to beat me regularly. But again, he was great to ride with because he was a great jockey and you know, it helped me try to chase him and made me more hungry and hungry to try and ride more winners and try to beat him and you know we had a great sort of competitiveness between us and erm again, we were also great friends and we had ups and downs and you know we both had good and bad days so you know it was always nice to have a friend in the weighing room to talk to as well.

Me: Looking ahead to the new National Hunt Season horses, what do you think will be your best ride at Cheltenham?

Richard: Oh gosh, again, very hard, like we just said Cheltenham is a long long way away but even now people are still talking about it. Erm, I would love to think Native River could come back in the Gold Cup and go two spots better than he did last year. He was 3rd in the race last year and ran really really well. Erm you know, this season we will be geared for him to be running in the Gold Cup again so I suppose he’s my big hope. I think for me, the Cheltenham Gold Cup is, I’ve been very lucky to win it once before a long time ago in 2000 but if I could win in any race that would be the one I would like to win.

Me: Do you every get nervous before or during a race?

Richard: Erm, I think I always get a little bit nervous before a race, I think you, you want the horse to perform to it’s best level it can, erm you’re always thinking about the race and trying to work out what you want to do and you’ve always got a plan, plans don’t always go exactly how you want, but again that’s sort of you know, you’re always, you just want things to go right and as soon as you jump off in the race, your focus is on what’s going on and I think a little bit of nerves is probably a good thing. If you’re not nervous at all then you’re a bit over confident and sometimes, yeah it’s never good to be over confident.

Me: During your time as a jockey, what has changed in regards to social media being introduced and younger fans?

Richard: Erm, massively. You know obviously even you know, with two racing channels now on TV and social media whether it’s Twitter or Facebook or all the other things, you’re sort of out in public light I suppose and you know you’ll have good days where obviously you’ll get lots of lovely messages and good praise and then obviously you have bad days where things don’t go right and you know you get the other side of it. And it is sad, you’ll read things about yourself and think everybody out there is doing their best and you know, mistakes can happen and do happen and that’s a part of life really. Sometimes stuff that is put on some of the social media isn’t very pleasant and it would be lovely to think there is a way of stopping it but that’s life and I think we’ve all seen good and bad social media but on the whole social media is brilliant, it gives everyone a chance to have an opinion and hopefully everyone’s got the common sense behind what they say as well.

Me: What’s your most memorable race, win or lose?

Richard: Erm, again, erm, I suppose, erm.. two really. Rooster Booster winning the Champion Hurdle, again, a few years ago now erm, he literally, I was a passenger. I went around on his back and he travelled really well, he jumped fantastic and he flew up the hill at Cheltenham. And honestly, I can’t believe, even to this day, how easily he won. Erm, it was just, yeah, a dream ride for me and I suppose finishing second in the Grand National on Balthazar King, he was just an amazing horse for use for a long time and I must admit going to the last, I thought I was going to win and from the last to the winning post we just couldn’t get past the one in front and he gave two hundred percent and you know there was no disappointment, it was just you know sad for him not to win, but again I had an amazing ride on him and I suppose, yeah, that’s the one, I finished second but it was still an amazing ride.

Me: Does it still play on your mind that you haven’t won the (Grand) National yet?

Richard: Erm, it’s obviously a race I would like to win. Erm, I mean again, I’ve been second in it twice and sometimes when you finish second it’s almost worse than finishing third because you think well if this and if that and erm, the Grand National is one of those races I think you’ve got to take what you’re given really because you never really know what’s out there with forty horses running in the race. Erm, I’ve had lots of good rides in it and again we’ve gone close twice and it’s a race I would like to win before we finish.

Me: We go to the Gold Cup and Grand National next year for the first time so no pressure.

Richard: If I win both the Gold Cup and Grand National next year, if that’s the case you’ll have to come to every Gold Cup and Grand National after that.

I just want to take a moment to thank Richard for being one of the loveliest people, this was my first time interviewing someone so I am so grateful he was so lovely, patient and kind when with us. He was also super honest and so easy to get a long with whilst asking him questions and having a chat.


For me, you’ve heard it from the current champion jockey just how in love and well looked after the horses are. He said that the horse is 5 times the size of a jockey so they wouldn’t be able to force it to do something it just didn’t want to do, so clearly the horses enjoy it or they wouldn’t be there doing it. Did you all pick up the cheeky Cheltenham tip too? Native River is currently being rode out and geared up for the Cheltenham Gold Cup and himself and the team think he has a better chance this year. So definitely a horse to keep your eye on as he is already in training for the big race!

I am so happy and grateful I had this opportunity and really can’t thank Worcester, Katherine and Richard enough for everything. Worcester have one last race day this year so check out their website here if you’d like to attend that, something I definitely recommend:

I personally love horse racing, the atmosphere is great and in person you really do see how well looked after the horses are and I would recommend it to anyone. If you’re a student, Katherine did inform me that they have started doing a student race day at Worcester, normally held in May, so definitely keep your eye out for that because it is such an interesting sport and a great day out for families, friends, couples, everybody can enjoy it.

I really hope the wait for this post was worth it, I hope you enjoy my very first ever interview and I hope you keep your eyes peeled for Richard Johnson’s tip. I will see you all in my next post!









Hoodie Allen: The Hype Album First Impressions/FULL Review

My Weight Loss Story + Advice and Tips!

Hey guys!

So it’s been a little while since I last posted, mainly due to the fact I have been super busy organising my 21st birthday party which is only 4 weeks away (how scary?) and that has taken up a lot of my time. But as Hoodie Allen has dropped a new album I thought right now at 00:08am would be a perfect time to sit down and finally write up a new post. If you have been following me for a while you will know that I am a huge Hoodie Allen fan and I have been for a few years now. And on his last tour I was lucky enough to get a meet and greet and meet him, which was amazing, he genuinely is the loveliest human being I have ever met and he is so genuine and down to earth too, it’s like talking to a friend when you’re with him.

So without further-ado I’m going to get into a breakdown of each song from the album with a little bit of a review/opinion of it. I am doing an active post with no editing, so as I am listening to the album track by track I will be writing my opinion straight from the heart and I will be posting it as it is, so I apologise if there are any mistakes. I am yet to listen to the album because I knew from the moment Hoodie announced it that I wanted to do a first impressions sort of post, so this is me listening to the album for the first time ever and telling you all exactly what I am thinking as I listen! I hope you enjoy this different type of post because I am so bloody excited to be writing it. So here it goes! PS: Go grab yourself a cuppa because it’s gonna be a long post I think…

So first on the track list is Believe.

So it starts off with Hoodie singing a little verse, which I absolutely love. Hoodie’s singing voice is definitely a weakness of mine. Okay so my favourite line in the first verse has to be ‘people keep talking, we finally doing numbers’ referring back to his People Keep Talking album, which I absolutely love and Numbers is one of my favourite songs from that album so that line makes me so happy. Okay this song is such a nice song. ‘Dreaming of the day when I finally quit my day job’ I feel like this song is Hoodie really reminiscing about a time before he gained a fanbase and I may be really weird but I actually love it when an artist reflects on life before the ‘fame’. ‘Look how far we came dog, hard work finally paid off’ again I love the reflective side of this song. Hoodie worked his ass off to be where he is today and I think that line really shows that he’s grateful that the hard work was worth it in the end. Then it’s back to the chorus, again Hoodie’s singing voice is unreal.

Second verse. I like the line ‘I guess I gotta be dumb to look at my choices and try to act like I’m not privileged’ because it’s Hoodie noting that he knows he’s got a good life, but referring back to verse one, he worked his ass off so it is well deserved. I also like the little bit of arrogance with the line ’cause while most of my friends are tryna pay their student loans, I just write this rap and already paid for my future home’ I mean who doesn’t like a little bit of arrogance in a rap verse? I also personally like the line ‘I never beat around the bush’ because a lot of my friends and family always tell me that I never beat around the bush so I like that line. Then the song finishes back with the chorus. Overall I like the song and if this song is a reflection of what is to come on the rest of the album I can’t bloody wait!

Next is Know It All. Okay so I’ll admit, I have heard this because he released it a while back, so I will keep it short and sweet.

So the whole of the first verse is Hoodie singing, can this get any better? And then into the chorus and his voice is raspy and I may have fallen even more in love if that was even possible. Second verse is hoodie doing a rap/sing sort of vibe? Either way it sounds unreal and I am in love. Overall I think this is a killer song and I totally see why he dropped it as a single before the album.

Third is All for Me featuring Scott Hoying.

Okay so a bit of a sexier vibe going on here, I like it. Even though it is very sexual Hoodie still manages to slip a cute line in there doesn’t he? ‘We ain’t getting married but everything that I make we share’ this is the exact reason Hoodie is so well liked in my opinion, he can rap/sing just about anything but he always manages to include a nice/cute line in there somewhere. Onto the chorus. I personally have never heard of Scott Hoying but his voice sounds so gorgeous, wow. I also love how there’s an orchestra sort of vibe in the backing music, something different for a rap song. 

Verse two… again, very sexual, a little arrogant, but I like this side of Hoodie. But again, he manages to drop a cute line or two in there. ‘I stay awake, I never fall asleep ’cause I ain’t tryna share you with no one, it’s all for me’ how cute is he? I also like the cute little ‘bam’ noise he makes at the end of the verse. Again, onto the chorus to finish. Again another good song, can’t fault the album so far.

Next is Fakin featuring Wale.

Okay, first chorus I absolutely LOVE. ‘Why you always fakin’ on the net though? Why you always flexing for the timeline?’ I would definitely say Hoodie has hit a taboo subject right on the head here. I know so many people who fake it for social media. Spending their whole months wage on a bag or a watch just so they can flaunt it online, it’s ridiculous and Hoodie has gone straight in from the get go with this song and I love it.

First verse again, I love it. A couple arrogant lines once again, but who doesn’t love it? So many girls call me daddy, I should fight for custody’ and ‘all my haters love me, that’s why they never bug me, your girl is probably going home with me ’cause you ugly’ are the two standout lines for me in that verse. Onto the chorus again.

Again, I’ve never heard of Wale before but I love his verse. Very open and upfront, what did I really expect after Hoodie’s verse and chorus though? I like the play on words with the line ‘my hoodie on, I call Hoodie up and book every white girl in the hood today’.

Verse number three and back to Hoodie. Hoodie rapping quickly and arrogantly and just wow. Again a little reference to the unreal album People Keep Talking, love it. YES HOODIE. I love the savageness of this line ’cause my biggest fan is also your mother, I swear they be playing this every summer, so’ love it!

Next up is Play the Field.

So the intro and the bridge are good, Hoodie’s singing voice once again making an appearance. I like the sound effects around ‘the play the field’ hook.

Verse one, I really like the lines ‘I don’t care what your friends think, ’cause if treating you good isn’t good enough, you gon’ have to find somebody else that does’ I don’t know why, just hit a chord in me, I like them. Then onto the chorus part.

Verse two, Hoodie rapping quickly once again makes me so happy. I think deep down Hoodie has a right soft side, for example, a rap about playing the field but as mentioned before he still manages to drop a cute line in there… ‘You can be my side kick, shorty riding shot gun’.

Next up is Sushi.

YES! Now this song is what I have been waiting for. A Hoodie Allen classic upbeat song. Okay, I love every line of the pre-chorus. Calling out users and haters, what more could you want from an opening couple lines of a song? I love a risky line, so of course I love ‘homie, I’m a threat do I look like ISIS? Nah, I don’t need to resort to violence’. Love love love.

I love the chorus, a classic Hoodie Allen up beat song. Is it even a Hoodie Allen album without at least one song like this? I love the arrogant line once again, how can you not? ‘Everybody know me, why the hell you introduce me?’ I mean… True.

Next up is Ain’t Ready.

Okay, just from the sound of the guitar and the first two lines I feel this may be my favourite song from the album. I love a good acoustic song from Hoodie. (PS download Americoustic if you haven’t already because Hoodie doing acoustic is something everybody should hear).

The first verse, pre-chorus and chorus are unreal, all Hoodie singing acoustically and I am genuinely in love. Onto verse two and rapping Hoodie is back. Another reference to another amazing album All American, again you’re missing out if you haven’t listened to Hoodie’s music before. And again the chorus, which I am in love with. Onto the bridge, again I love it. Hoodie’s raspy singing life is honestly ridiculous. So talented in every sense of the word. I can definitely say so far that this is my favourite song from the album. Don’t be fooled by the shorter review, I was too busy listening and admiring the lyrics to focus on writing oopsy!

Next up is All My Friends featuring State Champs.

Again I have never heard of State Champs, but opening up the song and sounding amazing. I feel like I’m going to like this song purely based on Hoodie’s first few lines including ‘yeah, and this one’s for the people who were with me before I had a dollar in my bank account’ and ‘it’s real love, real friends, yeah I never separate it homie’ because Hoodie is now known pretty much everywhere around the world but it’s nice to see he hasn’t forgot his roots and those who were around way before the fame and the fortune, I really like that. The whole song is full of good lyrics and heartfelt lyrics too. And I really really like State Champs. It’s a different type of song to what I think we’re used to from Hoodie but I really like it.

Next up is Mad.

First thoughts are before Hoodie even sings/raps anything, it sounds like an old school classic, a bit of a sexual 80’s vibe to it. I like the chorus, again sounds very old school. Verse one is back to Hoodie rapping. It’s quite cute, about being a ‘goddess’ and then he ends the verse with ‘I ain’t like them other dudes, are you stupid?’ should expect the unexpected with Hoodie shouldn’t we really aha.

Oh wow, once again Hoodie being a little naughty with his lyrics, should I really be surprised? ‘Okay you got me, got me, I’m just so glad you want me. But other times I feel unqualified, you Donald Trump me’ god I love you Hoodie Allen and your slightly naughty but hilariously true lyrics.

Okay the bridge. Hoodie’s high note whilst singing ‘but now, I give up everything I had, had, had’ wow, just wow. The bridge is actually so cute, Hoodie showing his soft side again.

Next up is Something Dangerous.

As everyone knows by now I love Hoodie’s singing voice, but wow, just wow the chorus, his voice sounds unreal, genuinely just wow. Onto verse one, I love the line ‘you know I gotta go on tour sometimes, but like Shaq with the free throws, you know I’m always missing ya’ a little naughty with the lyrics again, but a cute meaning behind them, I like it. 

Okay, so verse two starts up and it hits me a little harder than expected. Definitely relatable on so many levels. ‘Nowadays I’m feeling like we’re strangers. Took a little break, we ain’t really been the same since’. Ending it being a little arrogant again, ‘I know a lot of dudes tryna chase you, but I’m the only one who ever made sense, Hoodie, babe’ is it bad I like it when his arrogant side comes out? Ha. Listening to the bridge and final chorus makes me think he’s definitely going to sing it on tour because I can picture the crowd joining in and clapping along to the backing track, yes.

Next up is Heartbreak featuring Goody Grace.

Listening to the first few lines and the backing track, sounds like an acoustic again, so I know I’ll like it. Again I have never heard of Goody Grace, but opening the song sounds absolutely unreal.

I always love Hoodie’s lyrics. In verse one I particularly like this section ‘looks fade eventually, will you still have sex with me? Like, even when we’re 70? Will you remember me when we’re losing our memory?’ I don’t have a reason but I genuinely just love that section of lyrics.

Verse two, starting up with ‘hey you know I’m searching for the type of love you see in the movies’ I think this strikes a chord with any girl because it is any girls dream and if you say it isn’t you’re probably lying oops. I think this is so relatable to all girls ‘like a roomie, she’s sleeping next to me, but not speaking to me’ because every girl has lay in bed with their partner and ignored them and put their back to them because they’re hurt or upset. The line ‘like if we fighting every day, is it worth it now?’ hit me hard, again, so relatable to anyone, men or women who’ve been in a heated relationship but isn’t ready to call it quits just yet. I think this one is probably one of my favourites from the album, it’s so relatable and I love the lyrics and Goody Grace’s voice too.

Next and last but not least is Runnin’ Circles.

Oooo I love this line ‘the mind of a perfectionist, but now a days I appreciate the blemishes’ I feel like this describes me perfectly. This song I think is going to hit people deeply. I love ‘I relish the opportunity to be a better man, be a better son, better brother, be a better fan’ such a genuine line.

Verse two, once again I love the lyrics, so heartfelt. ‘But if I follow what you follow, chances are I probably still working at the fucking mall. So don’t tell me to dream small’ this line makes me happy, it’s sort of a push for people to dream big or what’s the point? Okay this song is an unreal way to end the album. I absolutely love it. It’s deep, it’s to the point and there is a message behind it and I absolutely love that. 

‘There is a million ways to make it in this life, so let me hit you with a little piece of advice. If you ain’t doing something everyday that makes you feel alive, you should find a better way to spend all your frickin’ time’ Hoodie Allen, I love you.

Okay so that’s it. What an album it is! I have loved and supported Hoodie for as long as I can remember so I sort of knew I would love the album, but honestly to anyone who has either never heard of Hoodie or has never heard his music, please give him a chance and take a listen. Hoodie Allen is honestly one of the most underrated artists I have ever came across and I wish more people knew about him. He is so talented as a song writer, a performer, a singer and a rapper. If you follow my social media and have been for a while you will see I have met a lot of ‘famous people’ over the years, but hands down, I am not even just saying this Hoodie is the nicest, most genuine person I have ever met. He genuinely loves and appreciates anyone who listens to his music, goes to his shows and shows him support and to me that is so so important as an artist, you should never forget the people who have made you who you are by paying for your music, merch and shows and honestly I love seeing Hoodie interact with his fans because you can see the genuine love he has for each and every person.

I absolutely love the album and I think anyone who hasn’t already gave it a listen definitely should. I haven’t brought tickets to Hoodie’s tour as of yet because with my 21st birthday coming up I don’t know what surprises my parents have in store for me and as they know I love Hoodie I am praying it’s tickets and/or a meet and greet ha, but if not then of course I’ll be buying tickets to see him, so if you’re going to his show in Birmingham, UK then let me know, would be amazing to meet some fellow Hoodie fans that follow me. I really hope you’ve all enjoyed this different sort of post. It is currently 01:58am here in England, so it’s been a 2 hour writing session, but well worth it. 

Thank you for reading!


Side note I have also got around to making an account on Only Fans so go check that out: Some exclusive unseen pictures and videos of what I get up to daily as well as my collaborations with Manchester United, Daytona and more!

My Weight Loss Story + Advice and Tips!

My Weight Loss Story + Advice and Tips!

Hey guys!

Long time no see and then I write three posts in one day, sorry! This post is going to be all about how I lost 6 stone in 6 months and then sort of maintained it. If you have seen my previous post from earlier today you’ll have seen I recently had a miscarriage which as you can imagine wasn’t easy. So not only did I gain weight, I was also eating too much one day, not enough the next and my weight was very up and down the whole time.

I was also travelling a lot for my blogging work as well as various different shows and events so on the road the easiest option is a takeaway or some sort of meal out so again my weight fluctuated. However I am now back down to my original goal and I am so proud of myself  for achieving it.

So let’s go back to September 2016… 

I was sent a cute little sports bra and underwear set from Pretty Little Thing and I had to take some photos. I took this photo…


And when I took it, immediately I hated it. I thought I looked absolutely disgusting and that was the moment I decided I needed to do something about my body. I wasn’t happy and I needed to change that.

Moving onto December 2016. I finally starting feeling a little happier with the way I was looking now…


Let’s fast forward to April 2017, where I was now living back at home with my mom and dad after a very messy break up and having to leave our joint home..


Now moving forward to August 2017, at this point I was in Canada and I was still unaware that I was actually carrying a baby of around 3 months or so, but I was starting to become very unhappy with my weight again..


And now finally… September 2017. 2 weeks after miscarrying and I have been working tirelessly to make sure I could get back down to my goal weight where I was in April..

image1 (2)

And now for all of those together so you can compare…


So how did I do it? Well, surprisingly it was easier than I thought it would be. Originally I did actually try the shake challenge where you didn’t eat breakfast or lunch or snacks, just a milkshake and then food on the evening, but I couldn’t do that, it was too hard. So instead I tried different things that would suit me and work for me at the same time.

This is not sponsored, but I did receive some Protein World Slender Blend so I started using that as a meal replacement for breakfast as since leaving college I haven’t actually had breakfast, which I know is bad for me, but I just never wanted breakfast. That was my first step, actually having the protein shake as a meal to start my day off well. 

Other than that change I never went on a diet as such, instead I changed my lifestyle rather than dieting because personally to me that’s pointless because once you go off the diet and eat regularly you’re going to put the weight back on. 

The main changes I made are as following: 

  • Keeping snacking to a minimum. 1 chocolate bar or packet of crisps per 3 days.
  • Only 2 fizzy drinks per week, only drinking water/squash/juice.
  • No eating past 6:30, including snacks.
  • Smaller portions overall.

People always seem to think I made dramatic changes, when in fact I barely did anything, I just cut down on things I had previously over indulged on. Don’t get me wrong I still love to go McDonald’s and get 20 chicken nuggets all to myself every now and then, I mean who doesn’t? But I now know my limits, I know when to stop, I know when I have over indulged that week and when I can or can’t treat myself.

I’ll be honest I did go through a stage where I basically didn’t eat and it was making me lethargic and I just didn’t really want to do anything. But I soon realised that is the worst thing to do. Starving yourself is worse than over indulging. I now find that since I have started eating healthier and looking after myself and my body more I am generally a happier person and I am also more active, more lively and I am not half as tired as I used to be. I still absolutely love my sleep don’t get me wrong but I am so much more awake and willing to do things now.

It isn’t something that will happen overnight and everybody is different so you need to work out a way that works for you. For some people that may be a diet, for some it may be the shake challenge, for others it may be like me where I changed my whole lifestyle and eating habits. It took me a long while to work out a way that would work for me, so don’t give up trying new things.

This time last year I was so so unhappy with my body and the way I looked, I’m still not 100% happy now but I am so so much happier than I was. It takes time and it’s hard work but if you want something bad enough you can make it happen and the most rewarding thing ever is looking at those pictures above and seeing the progress you have made. 

My top tips: 

  • Find a way which works for you – Don’t just do what people say.
  • Do not cut out meals unless having a meal replacement like a protein shake etc.
  • Regularly take progress photos so when you’re having a bad day you can see how far you have already came.
  • Set yourself a REALISTIC target from the get-go. For example if you’re 12 stone no’By August 2018 I will be down to 10 stone’ or ‘By December 2018 I’ll have dropped 2 dress sizes’. It doesn’t matter what the target is, as long as it gives you something to work for.
  • If you don’t reach your target, don’t give up. Set a new target and keep going. Sometimes it happens quicker for some people than others.
  • Do not compare yourself or your journey with others. Some people will lose weight quicker than others, some people are naturally skinny and won’t put weight on. It doesn’t matter what other people look like or are doing, focus on you and what you want to achieve.

I really hope this post gives a little bit of help or advice to people. I’ve had so many questions about it all so I thought it would just be easier to pop it all into one post so everybody can read it. I am in no way, shape or form an expert, I am just passing on what I have learnt from my own experiences. 

Thank you for reading!