Work With Me

Fancy working with me? There are three ways to get involved: sponsored posts, reviews and giveaways.

First things first, my facts:

  • 40,000+ followers on Twitter
  • 25,000+ followers on Instagram
  • 1000+ Snapchat story views daily
  • 2,000+ Vine followers
  • 140,000+ Vine views
  • 1,500+ weekly blog views

Sponsored Posts:
I am happy to work with brands on sponsored posts, for a price list and more information regarding sponsorship please email me at 

I am happy to review your products for your business. Please keep in mind that I always post honest reviews, good or bad. I will also only work with brands that I feel my readers and followers are interested in.

 I am happy to host a giveaway for you business, however I will only work with brands that, again, I feel my readers and followers are interested in. Feel free to contact me at for my policy on giveaways.

Disclaimer Policy: 

I only accept products from brands and/or bloggers that I like myself and would willingly use myself. All gifted products are labeled and I will make it very clear to my readers if they are either gifted or brought by myself. It is my policy that I am 100% truthful if and when I am working with a brand that I let my readers and followers know that.