Our Trip to the North West

Hiya guys!

As people may or may not have seen from my social media profiles, last week I had a little mini getaway where I went to visit the North West and explore a little bit. And luckily I was able to partner up with a brilliant team in Blackpool to explore some of their most famous and wonderful attractions. So today I am bringing you something a little different and telling you all about our experience at the Blackpool Tower, Madame Tussauds and Sealife Centre.

Our first experience was on Tuesday the 15th when we visited Blackpool Tower, which I was so excited for as I had never been up the tower before so this was something totally new for me to experience. When we arrived there was a member of staff outside of the attraction checking people had prebooked their tickets and enforcing the rule of wearing a mask whilst indoors. When we entered there were perspex screens in reception where you booked in with the staff at the desk.

Once booked in, we made our way up to the 4D cinema following the one way arrows on the floor. When we got up to the 4D cinema there was a small queue of people waiting to go inside, all of whom had masks on, as well as spread out using the floor markers ensuring social distancing was adhered to. The lady at the desk let in one group/family at a time, collecting your glasses before having some souvenir photos taken then following the route around to the cinema room. Again, there were spaces clearly marked on the floor to ensure social distancing was adhered to and you were safe the whole time. I won’t say too much as I don’t want to ruin it for anyone that wants to visit, but the 4D cinema was fantastic, it’s a short video but it’s brilliant and really makes you feel a part of the scene with the 4D aspect.

Once we had finished in the 4D cinema it was time to queue back up and get ready to go to the top of the tower. Again whilst queuing, there were one way arrows on the floor and plenty of signs on the floor ensuring social distancing. We then got into the lift and went up to the top floor, there were windows in the lift so as you were going up you could see for miles the length of Blackpool as well as all the work that had gone into making the tower you were currently in the centre of.

When we reached the top of the tower we stepped out almost immediately onto the glass floor and very hesitantly I stepped onto it and even had some photos. The whole time we were there it was pretty busy but we felt safe as social distancing was heavily monitored by staff and everybody wore a mask. We also went up to the next level where you could see for miles at 401 feet above ground.

We thoroughly enjoyed the tower and we felt safe the entire time. Personally, like many, I was a little nervous about being in such a public place around so many people, however once actually there I couldn’t have felt any safer. The staff kept on top of the social distancing and wearing masks the entire time and even though it seemed busy, it was never busy enough to not be able to keep a safe distance from others at any part during our visit.

Overall, our first tourist experience of our trip was a very very good one and I highly recommend a visit to the Blackpool Tower to really feel like a tourist.

Before we knew it day 2 then came around where we had a full packed day to enjoy. Starting with, a must if you’re in Blackpool, that is of course Madame Tussauds. I remember going to the Blackpool Madame Tussauds many many years ago as a little girl and I loved it, so I knew this time there would be so many changes from the last time I visited and I couldn’t wait. Again, before entering they had staff on the door ensuring you had prebooked tickets and you were wearing a mask. They were allowing so many groups in at a time so there could be a space between them so people could easily social distance. As this was being done there was a little wait outside before entering, however the weather was lovely so we didn’t mind at all and we knew they were doing it for our own safety and we could see everybody in the queue felt the same. As long as we were safe we didn’t mind the waiting.

Again, as before in the Blackpool Tower, there were one way arrows and social distancing lines and guides on the floor the whole way around so we felt safe the whole time. And just like when I was little I thoroughly enjoyed meeting some of my favourite celebrities like Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran, Wayne Rooney, Ant and Dec, the cast of Strictly Come Dancing, the cast of Corrie and even the Royal Family. Overall they had a range of celebs suitable to any audience, children would love it, adults would love it. I was actually thoroughly impressed by the whole set up especially being able to sit in Corrie’s famous Rovers Return for a drink. Again, I don’t want to ruin too much for people planning to visit, but they have some brilliant layouts, scenery and interactive aspects to your visit and we absolutely loved visiting.

The final tourist part of our day was to visit the Sealife Centre and I must say I was so impressed. Again, there were staff on the door ensuring masks were worn and people had prebooked their tickets. Again, there was a one way system all marked by arrows on the floor as well as plenty of signs stating masks must be worn as well as social distancing adhered to.

Now when I say I was impressed I mean I was genuinely really impressed. I have visited a few different Sealife Centres and they have all been really good, but this one was something so different and just incredible. There was so much more included in this centre than any others I have visited. Not only more sea creatures but just a more visually pleasing set up – if that makes any sense at all. Including a room with floor to ceiling windows looking into the sea creatures – which was our favourite room.

I love animals in general so somewhere like the Sealife Centre is always my favourite place to visit and this was no different. We absolutely loved our time here and I will definitely be going back when we visit Blackpool again.

Overall we had the best time visiting three of Blackpool’s main tourist attractions. We not only loved each place, but we also felt super safe at each place and in today’s current circumstance I think that is the most important thing. It is of course an inconvenience having to wear a mask everywhere however we are all in this together and we all need to stick to the rules so we can get out of this mess sooner rather than later. Attractions like the Blackpool Tower, Madame Tussauds and Sealife Centre are trying their best to make sure your experience is still as good as it would be if Coronavirus didn’t exist (oh what a time to be alive) and I think they did a very good job in doing so.

If you’re feeling a little nervous, anxious or sceptical to visit somewhere like I was, I highly recommend just going for it. Places are ensuring you’re as safe as you possibly can be and right now they need our business more than ever. We loved our time being tourists in Blackpool and I highly recommend to anyone.

I want to thank the lovely team for making this trip possible as well as all of the staff in the three attractions mentioned for making our visit as comfortable and safe as they possibly could do.

Thank you for reading this different, but enjoyable post to write. Now my break has come to an end I am hoping to get more posts up the next few weeks or so with a very exciting stable visit planned for early October with one of the best current National Hunt trainers – if all goes to plan with our good old friend Coronavirus. Hopefully in time we can start planning more fun things to be doing and I can get back to enjoying my blogging again! See you all very very soon!

Legal Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and I was gifted the tickets for the three attractions mentioned.