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Hi Guys!

I am honoured to have been nominated for a UK Blog Award 2019. I have been blogging for a few years now and this is the first time my work has been recognised so as you can imagine I am super proud of myself.

Over the years I have wrote about everything and anything. The past few years I have focused a lot on mental health, because that is something I am very passionate about and then the past few months I have ventured into a crime sector which I am loving. 

If you would like to vote for me, I would really appreciate it, you can vote here:

I am so grateful to have been nominated and I can’t wait to continue my blogging journey.


Turning 21

turning 21

Heya guys!

So today’s post is all about my 21st. I was lucky enough to be gifted a lot of different things from different companies for my birthday so I’ll be including some of those in this post too, however I was not paid for anything I mention or include.

So on the 1st of November I turned 21 years old, madness because I still feel about 15, but now I am classed as a fully pledged adult! On my birthday I didn’t really make any plans because of it being midweek, I was planning everything for the weekend. However on my actual birthday I was surprised with a bunch of things I didn’t expect to receive, including a lovely gift from Marc Jacobs, their brand new ‘Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara’ which I didn’t expect at all, but was super grateful for as well as a bunch of goodies from Dollibox, again which I didn’t expect.

IMG_3585  IMG_4275

Thank you to my mom and dad for a cake and flowers too, they already spent so much money on me so I was super grateful for both on the day.

IMG_3672  IMG_3668

Also a massive thank you to Darcy for the birthday nails, he smashed it once again!


The day after my birthday I was then taken to see Nativity in the theatre, front row, which I absolutely loved! I loved the film, so the play had a lot to live up to and it definitely exceeded expectations!


Onto Friday, my party. A massive thank you to everyone involved in the planning and preparing of the day. As well as Aldi, who supplied the food, The Cake Box, who supplied my cake, Pryzm, who gave me a booth and free entry for my friends and I for the afterparty and Travelodge for the discount codes for some rooms for my friends and I for afterwards.



I haven’t planned a long post, just a few thank you notes and a few photos really as I haven’t posted in a while. So here are a couple photos from the night, a massive thank you to my old school friends who came to celebrate with me and all of my family, even those I have only met a couple times before. So grateful.

IMG_3760  54B03EC0-7DC5-40B9-91F0-CFA427BD3CF3

Overall I had the best 21st birthday, I got the time to celebrate with my best friends and my family and I enjoyed every single second. I was very drunk and I don’t remember much, but the bits I do remember I enjoyed. I want to say a massive thank you to all of the companies that helped to make my birthday a success as well as my parents more than anyone who helped me organise everything and make it perfect for me and the very few people I invited. I had a small party because if you know me, you’ll know how antisocial I am and I only keep very few people close to me and those are the ones I invited.

I know it is a short post, but I have quite a bit lined up for the next few months so keep your eyes peeled!



















A Letter To My Younger Self

Hey Lovelies! 

Welcome to my new post, today I am going to write a letter to my younger self, I really hope you enjoy it.

Dear Zoe,

Life isn’t like a fairy tale, you’ll be heartbroken at some point, you will learn not to trust many people and you will probably be judged by many but don’t worry about any of that because life is too short. Don’t let people upset you and get you down, as long as you’re happy and as long as you’re making your parents proud, who cares what anyone else thinks? You have nothing to prove to anyone, only yourself.

If you want to spend all of your money on concerts, that is totally okay. You’re not spoilt, you work extremely hard and deserve all of the treats you give yourself. Don’t listen to those who are jealous of you. 

Trusting people is hard, I know. Believing what people tell you is hard too. If someone breaks your heart, don’t dwell on it. Smile, hold your head up high and realise it is their loss, not yours. Don’t let your past ruin your future. That man you love? Yeah he loves you too, let him in, trust him and believe him when he says those three words, he isn’t your ex, he won’t hurt you. And if he does? Hold your head up princess, that tiara is falling. 

You know what? You can argue with your parents as much as you like, at the end of the day they brought you into this world, they know what is best for you. If they tell you someone is bad news? Listen to them, because parents can always tell a bad egg before you can. If they tell you you can’t go out? Listen to them, they know what people are like. It isn’t you they don’t trust, it is other people and they are well within their rights to think that. It is a horrible world we live in so listen to them, they really do know best.

Your brothers? Yeah they will annoy you, sometimes you will hate them. But after everything, guess who will always have your back? Them. They will not let anyone hurt you, do the same for them. Look out for each other, support each other and never let each other down. Being close to your siblings is rare, don’t look back in 50 years time and regret not spending more time together.

Alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and sex really isn’t all that. Trust me, you don’t need to sneak about at 13 years old to do all the things your parents tell you not to. People will think they’re clever taking drugs at a young age, but don’t do something stupid, don’t regret being young by doing something that could effect you in the future. Smoking is a dirty habit, don’t get into it. Alcohol? Yeah everybody drinks it, but don’t be stupid and get drunk so young, waking up and not remembering what happened. And sex? Yes it is a part of life that most experience, but why rush? 

Never feel pressured to do something you don’t feel you are ready for just because your friends are doing it. Focus in school and get good grades because in today’s society, grades are important to make it in almost any career. You won’t know what you want to do with your life when you’re young, you may think you do but that will change so many times before you become an adult so don’t focus all of your efforts into one thing because who knows what you will end up doing.

School is boring yes, but they are the best days of your life so don’t wish them away, enjoy every single second because trust me, once you start working you will regret ever wishing those days away.

All of those ‘friends’ you make in school? You will probably keep in touch with just a handful so be careful who you trust and who you let into your life because not everybody has your best interests in mind. Keep a couple friends who will always have your back and do not let them go. They’re rare and very precious.

If you have a crush on a singer, do not let anyone take that away from you because it could allow you to meet so many new friends and allow you to make so many new memories. Do not publish your life on social media. If you and your parents argue? Sort it out, rant to a friends, go for a walk, don’t publish online how much you hate them, because you don’t, you never will, you’re just angry.

Life is short, someone you argue with today could be gone tomorrow, don’t take that chance. Don’t be stubborn, apologise, hug it out and move on. 

You’re stronger than you think you are, you can overcome anything if you put your mind to it. The main thing is be happy. Do what you want to do, don’t let others bring you down. You’ll have bad days, so will those around you, but don’t let it turn into bad weeks or months or years. If somebody is having a bad day and they take it out on you that’s fine, shake it off and move on because everybody has bad days and you will probably take yours out on somebody else too.

A small note to end on… It doesn’t take a lot to smile at someone, who knows you could even make their day. Smile more, laugh more and enjoy your life because the last thing you want to do is regret it looking back.

Be happy, treat yourself and do what you love to do.

All the best.



Today was a different post for sure but I feel like at 20 years old I’ve learnt quite a lot and I continue to learn every single day of my life but if I could tell my younger self anything it is in this letter. I don’t regret my past because I learnt from it and grew from it and I’m finding out a lot about myself with every mistake I make, but I like the thought of learning and being able to pass that on to younger people so this is what I would personally pass on. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and I will see you in my next post.

Review: The Full Monty Theatre Show

Hey Lovelies!

Today’s post is a review of The Full Monty theatre show. If you didn’t know the show is currently on tour playing shows all across the UK and this afternoon I was lucky enough to go and see the matinee show. I’ve never been to a matinee show but I always assumed not as much effort went into them however I was totally wrong. I was second row from the front in the stalls and honestly I had the best couple of hours. 

The show obviously has a lot of humour in it, which was expected but beneath all of that it targets some sensitive issues that happen to people every single day. Such as body image, homosexuality, unemployment, depression, sexual equality and court proceedings where a child is involved. It includes a lot of heartfelt sensitive issues and they are included in a careful way where nobody can be offended but you might be able to relate to what they are going through.

I think the creators, writers, producers and everybody involved did an incredible job. They included the light hearted parts and humorous parts but they also included those scenes where the sensitive issues are brought up. I think, for me, the best scene was of course the scene in the ‘job club’ where the music is playing and they start dancing in the queue. I think if that scene wasn’t included it just wouldn’t be the same. I also want to say fair play to all of the actors for stripping right down to the bare bottom. I honestly think the whole performance was incredible and I was totally wrong about the fact that matinee shows being different, they are just as good as evening shows! 

If you get the chance to see the show then I really do recommend you do. If you follow me and have been you will know I go to a lot of shows but this has to be one of the best ones. I have always said The Bodyguard is the best show I’ve seen at the theatre but this was definitely very close if not slightly better. 

All of the performers were incredible but my stand out performers were of course Gary Lucy and Chris Fountain. I’ve always had a soft spot for them, Gary since Footballers Wives and Chris since Hollyoaks so being able to see them both on stage was amazing. I have loved the performance and I think everybody should see it if you get the chance!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review and I will see you in my next post!

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