Collaboration Opportunities


Hi guys!

So over the past couple of years I have been so lucky to work with some incredible companies. I’ve experienced a lot, I’ve learned a lot and I’ve worked so incredibly hard with everything I have done. I feel so lucky and so grateful for the opportunities I have been given. But now, 2018, I want to continue brand collaborations of course, but I also want to collaborate with some fellow bloggers and influencers.

Firstly, companies, brands, brand owners, PR companies etc, if you want to collaborate, I am open to all ideas and collaborations. So if you want to collaborate with me, I am able to reach an audience of over 70,000 people, if this is of interest to you please feel free to click on the ‘Work With Me’ tab at the top of this page and see all of the details regarding any possible collaborations.

Now, onto influencers… If you’re a social media influencer across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat etc and have any ideas of how we can collaborate, whether it be photoshoots, day trips or any other ideas then please contact me using this email address:, please subject  it with your username on whatever platform it is you’d like to collaborate on as well as influencer collaboration, so for example ‘@zoelouisesmithx instagram influencer collaboration‘ so I am easily able to find the emails. In the email please include all ideas you have in ways we can collaborate, no matter how many followers you have, no matter what interests you have if you feel like we can collaborate then please do email me because I want to branch out and work with more people.

Thirdly, on to bloggers! I am looking for bloggers to collaborate with on my website. Whether it be collaborative posts, feature posts or anything else you feel we could work with then again please email me on and subject it with your website name and blogger collaboration, so for example ‘ blogger collaboration‘. Please include what ideas you have, what you’d like to write about and why you want us to work together, whether it be to raise awareness for a mental health condition you’re passionate about, gain more experience in writing, gain more confidence, branch out to a wider audience or anything else. I want to work with more bloggers and work together and gain more blogger friends, if you’re interested, even if you’re unsure on what post you’d like to do then please email and we can discuss more information. I am only going to be working with bloggers that have a similar interest in myself and fit with my reading audience.

Now lastly, onto people in general, even if you don’t have a blog and you’re not an influencer then I still want to work with you. If you’re passionate about something, fashion, gaming, mental health awareness, make up, fitness or anything else then maybe we can work together! If you like writing, you like photography or anything else that we may be able to work together with then get into contact with me because we can definitely discuss and make something work out. For this then please email: Please subject it with your name and collaboration, for example ‘Zoe Smith Collaboration‘ and include in the email what you’d like to do, any ideas, any information you think is useful for me to know, your interests, if you’re passion is photography, any work you have previously done, any photos you’ve taken etc.

I am super excited to branch out more this year so if you fit into any of the above categories then please do contact me.

Thank you for reading.



Review/First Impression: Village Hotel & Spa Dudley


Hey guys!

So on Friday evening I had the opportunity to spend the night at Village Hotel and Spa Dudley, so today’s post is a first impressions/review kind of post all about my experience.

I have never been to a spa so when I was given this opportunity of course I snapped it up! I finished work at 6:30pm and we headed straight over, arriving around 7:15. When we arrived, the car park was very full, however it was so big there was still plenty of space to park, which is always a positive when visiting a hotel. We went into the hotel, first impressions were very busy, very modern and very organised. After entering, almost immediately a member of staff came over, introduced herself and helped us to get checked in. Once checked in, she gave us our key card and explained to us where our room was and how to get there via a lift or stairs. She explained she would be around the reception area until 10pm so if we needed anything at all pop down and see her and she’ll help us, which I thought was lovely of her to say, very polite also. She also explained about an event taking place that evening, as well as if we were planning to eat the times that their pub and restaurant closed. Overall, she was very informative and helpful, but not too overwhelming, like you find in some hotels.

We made our way up to our room, 217 which was on the second floor. There were plenty of signs in the lift as well as around the hotel explaining how to get to each room, which is very helpful in a hotel of that size. When we entered our room, my first impression honestly was ‘wow’. It was gorgeous. It was modern, it was colourful, the bed was so comfortable, we had a huge flat screen TV with Sky and the bathroom was absolutely gorgeous. (I will insert pictures below). Overall I was super impressed. The only slightly negative was the standing fan we had had wobbly legs, but other than that I honestly couldn’t fault a single thing.

IMG_7099.JPG IMG_7100.JPG IMG_7101.JPG

A nice added bonus, that was definitely not expected was this from Simon, the general manager:


One thing I thought was honestly incredible about this hotel was the fact we didn’t arrive until 7:15 but the pool, sauna, steam room, spa, gym, everything was still open until 10pm, which for me, after a hard day at work was like heaven! Most hotels have set times, like 10-6 in the pool or whatever, but Village had their facilities open until 10pm so no matter what time you arrived you could go to relax. I would say by 7:30 we were down in the pool relaxing, honestly no better way to start a bank holiday weekend!After spending just over an hour in their pool, sauna and steam room, we made our way back to our rooms. Again, all of the staff downstairs were lovely, they showed us where everything was and were very helpful.

After probably the best nights sleep in a while, we made our way downstairs for breakfast. Breakfast is served between 7am and 10am, so whether you’re an early riser or a late starter you can go and have breakfast. When we got into the breakfast room, a member of staff, again, almost immediately came over to us. We were lead over to our table and the member of staff asked us if we had been before, in which we responded with no, so he then explained where everything was for us, as well as asking if we would like tea or coffee. 

In all honesty, this was the best breakfast I have ever seen in a hotel. It was basically a help yourself buffet, all of your hot foods, such as bacon, sausage, variety of eggs, tomatoes, etc were lay out in a heated buffet thing (not sure of the name?) so you could help yourself. Then there was a table of bread, toast and pastries. Then another table of cereal and juices. Overall there was so much choice and variety. The only slight negative for me, was the toasting machine was quite slow and the bread needed to go through it a few times to be toasted, so it took a little while of standing there before it was done and you could go and eat. Other than that I couldn’t fault the breakfast. Members of staff were constantly around for you, making sure everything was okay and bringing you anything you needed.

Overall, I had the best time. It was the first time experiencing Village Hotels and it definitely didn’t disappoint. It was one of the best experiences I’ve had in a hotel, the staff were constantly there ready to help you and no matter how busy they were, there was always plenty of staff around to speak to if needed. I recommend Village Hotel and Spa Dudley to anyone, I really do. The whole experience was amazing.

Thank you for reading and once again, thank you Simon and the whole team for welcoming us and allowing us to experience your incredible hotel.


Daytona Karting


Hey guys!

If you have been following me for a while, you’ll know I love to go to new places and try new things. Pretty much all of my friends absolutely love go karting, however it is something I personally have never tried, if anything I’ve always been too scared to try it. However I decided after watching my friends I would finally go for it and do it.

So today’s post is the much awaited Daytona Karting post! I know, I know, I’m sorry it’s being uploaded a little later than I would have liked, but I have been so busy with work this week, but I have finally had the time to get it up, so enjoy!

Jim over at Daytona Karting Tamworth was lovely enough to allow my friends and I to experience their full circuit exclusively for us, so I felt at ease knowing it would just be our friends and not total strangers on the track with us.

When the day arrived, the weather was horrible. Non-stop rain the whole journey there, so I was absolutely petrified, not only was it my first time karting but now I was going to have to do it in the rain and everybody was sure to tell me just how slippy the karts are in the rain, so that was nice of them! 

When we arrived it was all pretty straight forward, we went up to the front desk where the staff were ready straight away to book us in and get our suits ready. After ensuring the whole group had completed our waivers, they gave us our suits and gloves and showed us to the dressing room where we could access lockers and get ready. The suits were as comfortable as expected, they came in various sizes so they fitted everyone, the staff were lovely enough to check their back rooms to find wet suits that were better sized for us as most of the mediums and larges had been taken and used already.

Once we were all ready, we were taken upstairs to the safety briefing room. We watched the video, which wasn’t too long, like some I have been told about, it told us all we needed to know without being too long. When the video ended, a member of staff came back into the room and explained anything people did not understand as well as answering any questions. 

We were then taken downstairs and outside into the pits where our karts were already on and ready to go. We were given our kart numbers and settled in. The staff were very thorough in ensuring we were all comfortable and safe in our karts, which I thought was really good. I definitely felt safe from the get go. Once we were all set, it was time to go.

Once again, the nerves hit me, I was petrified! But once I pulled out onto the circuit and started driving I absolutely loved it! In our group of friends we have numerous, you could say, ‘professional’ go kart drivers, so I knew I wouldn’t win or anything like that but it was honestly so much fun. 

The first time out on the circuit it was a timed race I suppose, so it was to determined where on the grid we would all start during the proper race. It was around 10/15 minutes of driving as quickly as we could and setting ourselves times. It was slippy yes, but it was so much fun! I think we all crashed or spun out at some point but it was hilarious and so fun.

Once our first part was over we were directed onto the grid, it was race time! The race started and as expected the ‘professionals’ were miles ahead of everybody, but it didn’t stop any of us having fun. From first place, to last place we all had so much fun! Again, everybody was crashing and spinning out, but there were so many members of staff out spread across the circuit we were all incredibly safe. As soon as you crashed or spun out or anything at all, a member of staff was there to ensure you were okay and nobody hit you or hurt you or anything at all.

After the race had finished we were all taken inside where a member of staff greeted us with trophies. The top three, Haz, Dan and Mat were given trophies for placing in the top three, then a professional photo was taken.


Then a group photo was taken for us to keep.


Overall, the staff were all lovely, helpful and made sure your safety was always first. The circuit itself was challenging but so much fun. This was my first experience of go karting but it definitely won’t be my last. I absolutely loved every second and I am so grateful to Daytona for their incredible hospitality. I had the best possible experience for my first time karting and I can’t wait to go again!

Again, thank you to Jim and the Daytona Tamworth team. If you love karting or fancy trying it out for the first time like I did, do check them out. I honestly could not recommend them enough.

See you in my next post!


Mental Health Awareness Month


Hey guys!

Today I am writing about all about mental health. If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that last year I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety after going through some pretty vile things, which to this day I don’t wish to talk about because I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy. When I first met my councillor and I told her everything, she even said to me out of every person she has ever seen, my story was probably one of the worst, which was a shock to me if I’m honest because I had tried to take it in my step but obviously some people just break.

This month I have been discharged by my councillor and she is in discussion with my doctor regards to me being taken off my anxiety tablets and anti depressants so overall I am towards the end of my mental health journey for now. I have always been very open about my diagnoses because I believe there is a stigma attached to mental health and that shouldn’t be the case. Thousands and millions of people all around the world, every single day are diagnosed with a mental illness but they will never tell anyone because they’re worried about being judged or being categorised by people and to me that isn’t fair. 

Mental illness is a huge thing, it always has been and probably always will be so why are people so afraid to talk about it? There shouldn’t be a stigma attached to mental illness. If someone has a physical illness such as a throat infection they aren’t judged so why is someone who has a mental illness such as depression judged? I honestly think as a society we need to be more understanding and compassionate towards those with a mental illness and to everybody in general. When someone is diagnosed with a mental illness, it is not only that person who is effected. The friends and family and support network around that person also feel it, it can put a strain on relationships and friendships. I know for me personally, when I was at the peak of my illnesses I pushed people away, no matter what they did or how much they tried to be there for me I was having none of it, I just wanted to be on my own all of the time and I ended up secluding myself so then I was even more depressed than I was in the first place.

My anxiety is still bad at the moment, not half as bad as it was, but I still flinch if a male gets too close or moves quickly or moves their hands towards me, I feel like that will probably be with me for the rest of my life and that is something I just have to deal with. And some days I will wake up and have a bad day, feel down, overthink the past, wonder why what happened, happened, but I don’t get myself worked up over it like I used to. Sometimes things happen in life and you will never ever know why and that’s fine, don’t dwell on it because it’ll eat you up alive like it did me.

As it is Mental Illness Awareness Month I thought I would write this post because I truly do believe that more awareness needs to be raised. Whether you’re homeless on the streets, middle class, upper class or a billionaire celebrity, mental illness can hit anyone. If you ever feel like you aren’t yourself, whether you’re lethargic, not just tired, but physically and mentally unable to do things without feeling rubbish, if you have no motivation to do something you love, if you can’t sleep or you oversleep all the time, if you don’t feel like your smiles or laughter is genuine, if you can’t walk the street without feeling paranoid someone is going to hurt you, honestly anything at all that is out of the ordinary for you speak to someone. It could be nothing or it could be something. Don’t leave it until it’s too late. 

In January this year I tried to commit suicide, something I haven’t ever spoken about online. But at the time everything had went wrong, I felt like I had nowhere to turn, everything had finally hit me and dragged me to my lowest. In the hospital I was told 2 more tablets and I would’ve died, which looking back was scary as hell. Seeing my family sit around me, heartbroken is what hit me the most. Why was I doing this to them? Yes I would be out of the pain I was in, but wouldn’t I just be leaving that pain and more with them? That wasn’t fair on any of them. So I vowed to my parents and my brothers I was finally going to sort myself out. I was going to walk away from a toxic relationship, I was going to move back home with my family and I was going to focus on myself for once and stop trying to help everyone else.

And now 4 months later I am in a relationship with someone who has taught me to love myself again, someone who loved me when I couldn’t even love myself. Someone who has walked back into my life and showed me that whatever is meant to be will always find a way back. It’s took 4 years for Reiss to walk back into my life after us both going our separate ways after talking for months. Now he’s back in my life and he’s helped me through the roughest period of my life without even knowing it. I am living at home with my parents and brothers, I have my little Puggle Daisy who is by my side every single day keeping me busy. I have a group of friends who have my back and look out for me when I need them and I am finally back to the old me. The me before everything happened. 

I think all I want people to take from this post is that yes life can be horrible, it can drag you down and keep dragging you down until you hit rock bottom, but no matter what happens there is always a way out. Don’t give up because if you hit rock bottom you can only work your way up now. I didn’t see a way out, I’ll be honest, I thought everything would be better for me and for everyone else if I wasn’t here. But if that suicide attempt wasn’t an attempt and it was a success my family would still be grieving, I’d never have reconnected with the love of my life and I wouldn’t be doing what I love to do, blog an write and work with incredible brands. I never ever imagined 4 months ago I could ever be happy again, but I am and I truly believe that anybody going through something tough can come out the other side, I really really do. 

There is so much help out there if you feel like you can’t cope with something, so use it. Two of the charities I couldn’t praise enough are Mind and Sane. If you don’t want to talk to them and you feel like you could harm yourself contact your doctor who can put you in touch with a mental health crisis team, they will visit you and help you through the crisis period. If it is out of hours for your doctor go to your local hospital, most hospitals now have a mental health team on 24 hour call so whatever happens there is always someone you can turn to. Don’t keep it to yourself, don’t think it’ll just pass, don’t think you’re on your own. Open up, talk and stop thinking that people will judge you. Anyone who judges you is not a true friend remember that. A true friend will help you and support you and be by your side until you overcome what you’re going through.

I really hope this post helps at least one of you. As I have always said, my messages are always open if you want to discuss anything or ask any questions.


Unreal Blogging Opportunities…


Hey Lovelies!

Today I am going to be writing about some of the unreal opportunities I have been given over the past couple of months. I don’t blog to earn money or be gifted products, I do it because it gives me a release, it’s somewhere I come to write and let out my feelings and enjoy myself in my own little world for a few hours. I started blogging because I thoroughly enjoyed writing in school and sixth form and I wanted a way to continue to write after I finished my A-Levels and blogging was a perfect way to do that so there started 

However the bonus of being able to collaborate with some of the biggest brands and companies around the world is something I couldn’t ever have even dreamed of happening. So this post is essentially all of the amazing opportunities I have been given recently. This time last year I was in an emotionally, mentally and physically abusive relationship, rarely leaving the house, overweight and constantly sexually harassed at work, but today I am here in a relationship with someone who treats me like a princess, I have a great bunch of friends I regularly go out with, I am 2 pounds off my goal weight and I am able to work doing something I love doing. I am writing this post not to brag about what I have got or what I am doing, but to show that anything is possible. I went from attempting suicide, to being probably the happiest I have ever been and honestly if this inspires one person to pursue their dreams and realise that they can achieve anything they put their mind to then I feel like it was worth writing.

Firstly the brand I think I was completely shocked by when I received an email is Protein World. They work with some of the biggest celebrities in the world, including the Kardashian/Jenner family, so the fact they wanted to work with me blew my mind. I received their 30 day challenge which I am half way through completing. Honestly I had heard some incredible things about Protein World but I had never had the opportunity to try their products and in all honesty I can totally see the hype around them. Their Slender Blend is honestly the best tasting protein shake I have ever tried. I have tried numerous shakes over the past 12 months or so whilst on my journey to lose weight and I have never found one I liked the taste of, but Protein World sent me their Vanilla Slender Blend and it is honestly so nice I could drink them all day, every day if I could. 

The second company I am currently working with is Bondi Sands. They sent me their tanning foam in light/medium and also a tester of their dark tanning foam and also their gradual tanning milk moisturiser. Personally, I have never used a fake tan before apart from 4 years ago for prom so it was definitely something new for me. For me I actually really like their products, the dark tanning foam is too dark for me, but that’s personal preference, however the light/medium is perfect for a subtle tan, but it can also be built up with extra layers if needed. The gradual tanning milk moisturiser is also very good for a gradual building tan, it isn’t took intense and it’s very gradual so could get away with being a natural tan. 

The next company I am working with is Yankee Candle, which for me is an incredible company with incredible products. They sent me some candles from their brand new range called Viva Havana and Cuban Mojito which both have really intense smells and they both smell incredible so being able to work with them with such incredible products is amazing. The best smelling parcel I have ever received for sure.

The fourth company is West Midlands Safari Park. I have received 8 complimentary tickets for my whole family to go which I am so excited for! I haven’t been in so long so being able to go with my whole family will be amazing. Watch out for a full review of our visit over the summer!

Next on the list is a company/brand I almost cried over when I received a phonecall from them. Man United Football Club want to work with me, what?! I had a lovely phonecall regarding a bespoke, luxury, VIP tour. Unreal right? This will only be the third time Man United have offered this to someone so for me that is an incredible achievement for myself. So again, keep your eye out for a full review of their incredible stadium and the experience of their tour!

Another company/brand is BAMMA, probably the biggest MMA company in the UK. I will be attending BAMMA 29 on the 12th of May, two days time in their press section including backstage and interview access, which for me is absolutely unreal opportunity. So over the weekend a full post regarding the night, the fights and everything I experience will be posted so keep your eyes open!

Another company is Blackpool Cluster, which includes Madam Tussauds, the Blackpool Tower, the Blackpool Dungeons, the Blackpool Ballroom, the sealife centre and more. They will be giving me access to visit all of those above places and experience them all with my boyfriend, which I am super excited for. So again, another post regarding that trip will be up maybe during the summer. Similar to that, Thorpe Park an Twcross Zoo will be doing the same so a full review and post of those will also be coming during 2017. A very exciting summer ahead!

Daytona Go Karting is also another company who have gave me an opportunity to spend a day with them with my friends, which for me is super exciting as I have never actually been go karting before so it should be fun!

Waffle Project in Hall Green, Birmingham, is another company I am working with. I absolutely love Waffle Project so being able to work with them is unreal. I will be receiving a hoodie from them which is gorgeous may I add.

Another company I am able to work with is Travel Lodge, they have allowed me to book a break with them in exchange for a full review of their hotel. Which of course, will be 100% honest. It’ll be a little like Four in The Bed, if you guys have ever seen that show, where people visit each others hotels and critique them.

Another company I am so excited to work with is Krispy Kreme! Receiving a Green Card from them is something I never imagined I would be able to do, so working with them is honestly a dream. Next up is Evans, a women’s clothing company who are lovely enough to be sending out some t-shirts which I can’t wait to receive.

Another event I am able to attend with press passes is BBC Gardeners World Live and Birmingham NEC, which I am so excited for. My parents are both garden lovers so being able to take them to that is going to be incredible.

The next two companies are both ran by the same PR company, Russell Hobbs and Remington, both companies I am super excited to be working with in the very near future. The last company is Poundland, a company I am sure everybody is aware of. I will be working with them very very soon, so keep your eyes on my social media for the collaboration with all three of these companies.

I am currently working with these brands and am in talks with many more, all brands and companies I love and could never have ever dreamed of working with. As I said before this post in no way, shape or form is to brag about what I have got or what I am doing, it is simply a post to show that anything is possible if you keep at it. I was laughed at when I first started blogging, being told it was stupid and it wasn’t worth it, but now those people who laughed at me are contacting me, trying to get me to help them. It is a dream to work with brands I absolutely love. As I said previously, I was in a horrible, horrible place 12 months ago but now I am settled and loving what I do. So if I can do that, so can anybody else, just keep at it. 

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, if you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll know I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, so mental health awareness is something very close to my heart. Recently I have been discharged by my councillor and I am almost at a point where I can stop taking my anti depressants and anxiety tablets, so at some point in the next week or so I will be doing a full post about my mental health journey and hopefully I can raise some awareness along with my followers support. 

For someone who 3 months ago was in hospital, 2 tablets away from dying after a suicide attempt, I am ridiculously proud of how far I have come and how much my life has changed and I feel like if I can do it, then so can anyone!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and I will see you all very soon!


Review: BKLYN Blackcurrant Bobble Hat


Hey Lovelies!

So recently I joined a website called The Blogger Programme which is an incredible website where bloggers can connect with brands and brands can connect with bloggers and I think it is just a really good website where you can contact other bloggers and brands. If you’re a blogger I would definitely recommend you join their website, which is absolutely free! Disclaimer: This isn’t sponsored, I just truly believe their website is incredible.

From their website, last week I was lucky enough to be sent a bobble hat from a company called BKLYN so today I’m going to review the hat itself, the company as a whole and everything else that I feel is necessary for you guys to know.


First things first, when they contacted me I gave them my address and within 24 hours the package had arrived so their delivery is super quick, which of course is great because with any product you order online you want it as soon as possible.

Secondly the packing itself is absolutely gorgeous. 


It comes in a really sturdy cardboard, slimline shaped box with the really cool logo on the front. Definitely some of the nicest packaging I have received for sure!

Now onto the products itself. I was sent the Blackcurrant Hat Raccoon Fur Pom Pom.


In the package is the blackcurrant hat itself and then two pom poms.


There is a purple and black one…


And then a brown and tan one…


The pom poms are button on, so you can wear the hat with or without, which I think is a really good idea as it suits anybody’s taste.


The hat itself is super soft and comfortable to wear and I really do love it. It has the BYLYN logo on the front which I think is actually quite a nice touch, instead of having a massive written logo, it’s cute, small and simple and doesn’t take the elegance of the hat away.


Overall I love everything about this hat. These hats retail at £55 and in all honesty as much as I truly do love this hat, personally I wouldn’t pay that much for it. Of course everybody is different and my dad immediately said he would buy one, but to me, someone who wears a hat as an accessory or simply just to keep me warm, I just could not bring myself to pay £55 for one. However, saying that, this is one of the nicest hats I have wore and I definitely recommend their brand to anyone. But I think paying £40+ for a bobble hat for me is just out of the question. Again though, if you’re into hats and you’re willing to pay slightly more than myself, definitely check out this brand because it is the softest, nicest and well made hat I have probably ever had.


Disclaimer: This was a gifted product however not a sponsored post, only gifted for review. I am 100% honest in my reviews whether the product is gifted or not.

I would like to thank BKLYN for sending me this hat, I know I will definitely get a lot of usage out of it, especially living here in the UK where it is freezing and raining the majority of the time. If you would like to work with me for a review or giveaway please see my Work With Me tab.

Thank you for reading my review, definitely check out the BKLYN website: because their products are incredible and I will see you all in my next post!

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Social Media, Body Image and Teenage Life


Hey Lovelies!

Today’s post, you could say, is a little bit more serious than all of the other posts I have uploaded. Today I want to talk about 3 things: social media and the effects it has on people, body image and what is expected of us and teenage life as a whole. After this year I will no longer be a teenager so I thought there is no better time to talk about some of the things I have been through and witnessed as a teenager as now.

Firstly I want to talk about social media. Social media plays a massive part in nearly everybody’s lives in today’s society, whether you’re young or old, I think nearly everybody has a Facebook page or a Twitter page somewhere. For me there is a lot of positives of social media, however there are also a lot of negatives too.

A positive is that you can speak to people who you would normally never have chance to. I met my best friend through twitter from both of us supporting Justin Bieber and 4 years down the line and many concerts later we are still the best of friends.

Another positive is that people have created careers out of social media. Whether it is through sponsored posts, partnerships, Instagram modelling, people have been able to set up their own, you could say, business and that’s incredible in itself, a massive round of applause to those people because they work their butts off daily to get to a position where they are earning enough money to live on.

A third positive is that you can reconnect with people from your past. I lost contact with quite a few people from my primary school when we left as none of us back then had phones and had no way to stay in touch, so the fact I have been able to reconnect with so many of them through Facebook is something I am incredible grateful for.

You can also keep in touch with family and friends from other countries. Having family in Canada, it is extremely hard to find a perfect time to call them, however through social media, you can contact them at any point and they can respond at any time without the worry of it costing you a lot of money.

A final positive is that you can easily keep up to date with your favourite celebrities, programmes and films which is good for people of all ages. Whether you’re a teenage ‘fangirl’ or you simply love Eastenders, social media is a great way to interact with people who have similar interests and to feel like you’re more involved.

I’m sure there are many more positives too, but they’re my top 5 personally.

Now onto some negatives. Firstly, there is a lot of cyber bullying. Whether it is body shaming, name calling or just horrible behavior, cyber bullying is a massive thing and some cases end up ridiculously bad. People will do anything to hurt people they don’t know through social media and I just don’t agree with it in any way, shape or form.

Another negative is that expectations are higher, or at least seem to be. Everywhere you turn on social media someone is posting an insanely hot selfie and suddenly your heart will sink. People expect girls and boys to look a certain way because Instagram models do or because celebrities too. As it is everywhere now and not just in magazines, the expectations seem to be even higher now.

Another negative for me is that it is so easy to lose your confidence via social media. For example, if you post a selfie and you think you look really nice, it only takes one online troll or stranger or sometimes even someone you know to say you look horrible and suddenly your confidence is shattered. Because social media and selfies are so easily accessible online, people are more inclined to comment on social media rather than in person, which is not nice at all.

A fourth negative is that it is far too easy to set up a fake profile and bully someone anonymously. I disagree with bullying altogether but for someone to do it without a name to their face, that to me is purely just disgusting.

A final negative is that people use social media to be someone that they’re not to impress people they probably don’t even know. Social media, specially Instagram is a place where I find people upload either other peoples photos or photos offline pretending they’re rich or they have expensive things and just pretending to be someone that they’re not and to me I just don’t understand it. Be you, don’t pretend to be someone you’re not to impress people you don’t even know.

For me I think social media is a good thing, if it is used correctly. If it is used to troll people, to bully people or just to be rude to people then that’s something I am strongly passionate about because it is just vile for someone to set out to ruin someones day over social media, whether it be anonymous or with your name. Bullying is bullying either way and it needs to be stopped. I use my social media daily and daily I see it used wrongly and personally I don’t understand it. I was always taught to be myself and to be nice, if I can’t be nice don’t say anything at all and I think some people need to learn that lesson in life.

The second serious subject I would like to talk about is body image, I won’t say just females because more recently I’ve realised males have it just as bad. Both females and males are expected to look a certain way and to me that’s wrong. Some people carry a little more weight than others, some people don’t have boobs and a butt, some people don’t have six packs, that’s called reality and people should never be ashamed of what they look like.

I find nothing worse than when you already have an insecurity whether it be your nose or your stomach or anything and then someone picks at you for it, to me that’s the worse sort of insult. I just feel like people try to hard to live up to these body image standards so they aren’t body shamed and that isn’t how you should be living your life.

I’m not saying don’t go the gym and just put on lots of weight, all I’m saying is don’t be ashamed of who you are and what you look like because if we all looked ‘perfect’ then it would be a pretty boring world. Be happy in your skin, be confident in your skin and don’t let anyone put you down for anything.

We can’t change the way we look, even if you went and got plastic surgery then someone would say it’s fake anyway, so why go out of your way to impress people? Be confident in your skin. I was never confident in my skin, but Jayde Pierce was the person who made me realise you need to be happy and confident and I am a billion percent grateful to her for Snapchat rants and if you don’t know who she is, follow her on Snapchat (jaydepierce) and just learn from her because she talks a lot of sense.

The last part of today’s post is about teenage life as a whole. To me I have loved my teenage years and I wouldn’t change them for the world. A lot has happened, both good and bad but I have learnt so much to take into my adult life. My parents always told me that my school days would be the best of my life and looking back they definitely were. I miss not having any worries about money or future plans or anything at all, if I could go back I definitely would. I also wanted to say that leaving in year 11 is one of the best things to happen, enjoy the last couple of days, enjoy being surrounded by all of your friends for 6 hours a day and definitely enjoy your prom because once it is all over and you have bills to pay and a future to prepare for, you’ll really wish you could have those days back.

The best thing you can do is enjoy yourself, don’t try to grow up too quick because I wished away my teenage years and now they’re coming to an end I would do anything to go back and be able to relive them.

I really hope you enjoyed a more serious side to my blog, I wanted to switch it up and write about a couple of things I feel like everybody can relate to and have an opinion on.

Let me know what you thought and I will see you all over the weekend on my next post!

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PS: Also thank you to all of my new followers this week, I really appreciate all of the support!