Father’s Day 2017: Snapfish


Hey Guys!

If you follow me on social media you will have seen my grandad was took into hospital earlier in the week meaning this post is going up 3 days late which I am so so sorry for, however it is here now as promised!

Father’s day is just around the corner and I always find it so hard to buy my dad a present, I don’t know what it is but I find it so hard to buy presents for the males in my life, is it just me or is it so much harder to find something they will like? So when I looked on Snapfish and I seen a personalised travel mug I honestly fell in love!

Personally, I have never seen a personalised travel mug anywhere before, this was a first. So of course I had to order it for my dad. My dad is a religious tea drinker, if you see him at any point during the day he will have a cup of tea with him, regardless of where he is or who he’s with or the time of day. So when I seen it I knew it would be the perfect gift for him.

When it arrived, I fell in love! I almost kept it for myself. It looked so much nicer in person than on the app. On the app it looked gorgeous but once it arrived, the photo really doesn’t do it justice. It is such good quality and for the price of just £15.99 I was shocked at just how good it really is. For some people £15.99 for a travel mug may sound expensive, but for me it is really cheap, especially as most places charge a lot more than that for any item that is being personalised, so for me this is a very good price for a very good, very high quality product and I highly recommend it.

For me, I love Snapfish, they have an app which is easy to use, they have incredible offers on weekly, they ship their products fast and their customer service team are all lovely. You also get 50 FREE prints per month, all you have to pay is delivery, which is incredible. 

If you’re still looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift, give their app a download and check them out because honestly I fell in love with all of their products and if I could I would’ve ordered one of everything! I hope this post have gave you some inspiration for a gift.

I will see you in my next post!


Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post, Snapfish were kind enough to send me a voucher to purchase a gift, but all views are my own.


Review: Gearbest Brand and Products


Hey Lovelies!

I am extremely lucky to have been sent a bag full of goodies from the incredible brand Gearbest, so today I’m going to be writing about two of the products I have received. The two products I have chose for today’s post is a light up dog collar and a watch. I was also sent a leather jacket and a hair straightening brush which I’ll definitely be posting about soon. I am super excited and grateful for the straightening brush as I have wanted one for so long, so I can’t wait to try it and see if it actually works so I can let you guys know if it’s worth the hype or not! But firstly, let’s talk about the first two products I received.

The first product I received is a light up dog collar for my little puppy Archie! 


I think it is super cute with a leopard print and the lights have different features also, including quick flashing, slow flashing, not flashing at all or not lit up at all. It is also really good quality which is definitely what I look for in a collar, specially for Archie as he loves to run around and pull you when he’s on his lead so a strong collar is a must. I think it’s just a really love gift to be sent over and Archie seems to be loving it so far!

The second gift I was sent is me all over so Gearbest definitely know me well! This gorgeous watch:


It says ‘who cares, I’m already late’ and I just love it. It’s a silver watch with white leather straps. It is humorous but true and I love it. I have been looking for a watch for a while now to wear to work and I am super grateful to have been sent this one as it’s simple but cute. It also looks good with any outfit as it’s plain white and silver.

Onto the brand itself… Gearbest are a company that ship all sorts of products worldwide for free! Which to me is incredible, because who doesn’t love free shipping? They also cover any customs charges which is incredible to me, because the worst thing is when you order something online then you’re stung with an unexpected customs bill. They have a range of products on their website, including the items I’ve shared above, Apple accessories, phone accessories, electrical appliances, tablets, tools, PC’s, literally anything you need! Gearbest is a new brand to me, but I am so glad I have found them because everything you need is on one website, which makes me very happy! Not only do they do free shipping and pay your customs bills, they also sell their products ridiculously cheap which is always an added bonus. If you haven’t heard of Gearbest, definitely go and check their website out and let me know if you order anything!

This week I have 2 posts scheduled and ready to post, which I am super excited about and I have 2 others that I am currently editing, so it’ll be a very busy week on my blog. Make sure you’ve subscribed so you can see exactly when I post!

See you all very soon!

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My Skincare Routine


Hey Lovelies!

Today I wanted to tell you guys about my skincare routine and maybe a couple of tips and tricks along the way to achieving good skin!

Firstly I want to say my skin is really dry! When I say really dry I mean ridiculously dry and honestly I don’t like it at all, but it’s the skin I have so I guess I’ve just got to live with it. For me it’s took a very long time with trial and error to find the perfect skincare routine. I think there is always room for improvement, of course, but at the moment I feel like I have a skincare routine that is making my skin better than I can ever remember it really being, so I thought I would share my tips on how to get a good skincare routine you can be happy with!

The first thing I suggest is to drink lots of water! I never used to drink water and my skin got really bad, since I’ve been drinking plenty of water daily, my skin has started to get better.


If you don’t like drinking water, like myself, buy yourself a cute water bottle and keep it next to you, so when you’re watching TV or on your laptop or reading, it is next to you and you’re more inclined to drink water that way. Mine is this one from Primark, it’s pink with a black and white straw and it just says ‘No Bad Vibes’ on the front and back. 


Okay so the first step of my routine is taking your make up off. I use some make up removal wipes which are from Primark. They’re £1 for a twin pack, which is really good! They remove my makeup really quickly and easily. 


Then with my eye make up I use the Avon eye make up conditioner, which I have been using for years now and it’s the best eye make up remover I have found, it works so quickly and doesn’t effect your eyes at all, which is always a positive! 


Once I’ve removed all of my make up I use this exfoliator by Avon called Clearskin, blackhead clearing daily cleanser and honestly it is the best exfoliator I have found. It’s not harsh on your skin at all!


I use it with this exfoliating brush from Primark, which is only £1, which again is really good! I thought it might be rough on my face as it was really cheap, however it isn’t at all. Along with this exfoliator it works perfectly! Of course, always put the cap back on the brush to keep the brush protected and clean.

IMG_7972 IMG_7973

Once I’ve exfoliated and washed that off I go in again with my exfoliating brush and just go over my face again to get rid of any dry skin that may remain. 

After that I go in with this E45 cream for dry skin conditions which does wonders for my skin! It is so moisturising and perfect for my skin. I know it’s expensive but it is definitely worth every penny!


Then the next step is this over night cream from Avon, which is called the Clearskin blemish clearing overnight treatment. When I wake up the following morning my skin is super soft and ready to start the day.


My final step is to use the Vaseline pure petroleum jelly original on my lips. My lips become dry a lot which is terrible for applying lipstick, so I use this Vaseline and it keeps my lips moist and soft.


Once or twice a week I then use this Clearskin pore penetrating black mineral mask from Avon. This cleans out my pores and leaves my face feeling fresh and nicer than ever.


Overall it took me years to get to a point where I am reasonably happy with my skin and skincare routine. Here are some of my tips on a perfect skincare routine and how to get the best possible skin you can:

1 – Don’t be afraid to trial and error. It’s the best way to find products that suit you!

2 – Take all the time you need. Don’t rush your routine by missing out steps, your skin is super important so take the time and really look after your skin well.

3 – Spend the money that’s needed. Skincare, as said above is super important! So spend the extra money on products to ensure your face gets the best possible care.

4 – Don’t be lazy! A lot of people do a routine for a while then stop bothering, myself included, honestly I regret that because you work hard for a couple weeks then suddenly your skin just goes back to the state it was in before anyway.

5 – Remember that every skin type is different. Really do your research before you use products, some products are specifically for certain skin types and may be really bad for your skin type, so work out your skin type and research the best products for your skin type!

Hopefully these tips help you guys because if I would’ve had someone telling me these things then I would’ve kept up with my skincare routine and not kept stopping and starting. It does take time but it definitely worth it. Your skin is precious, definitely look after it the best you can!

See you all in my next post!

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Review: Cuppa Joe


Hey Lovelies!

I am fortunate enough to have been sent this coffee scrub by Cuppa Joe and this week I have used it for the first time so I’m going to review it for you guys.


I was sent the St Clements one and when I first opened it, I honestly could not stand the smell in all honesty. However I said I would give it a chance because I knew how amazing it is supposed to be for your skin and I am so glad I did! 

As I have never used a coffee scrub before I followed the instructions on the back of the packet. All week I have been using this coffee scrub by following their instructions and honestly my skin has never been softer.


When I first smelt it I didn’t know if I wanted to follow through and use the product, it didn’t appeal to me, however once I started using it I fell in love. I have used it 3 times this week so far and I can already tell a massive difference in my skin. I suffer with a lot of dry skin which plays a massive part in me not really getting my legs or arms out etc, but this product has completely changed that. Not only has it helped my dry skin problem, it has also made my legs especially, so much softer. I also tried putting it on my face, especially my under eyes and I have found that my eyes appear less puffier than usual, not a massive difference, but definitely noticeable to myself.

Now onto the important part, the prices. On their website all of their coffee body scrubs are £12.50 which to me is super cheap. Coffee body scrubs can be so expensive and after trying a couple different brands I didn’t know what to expect as this was one of the cheaper brands that I have tried, but honestly it works the best out of all of the ones I have tried and it is worth a lot more than £12.50. Skin care is a massive part of my routine as I suffer badly with dry skin so having a product this good for only £12.50 is the best news I could receive. 

Another positive is that none of Cuppa Joe’s products are tested on animals, so that makes me ridiculously happy.


I am honestly so grateful Cuppa Joe sent me this over and I will definitely be trying their other products in this range because I am loving it so far and I am sure it will only get better. All of the Cuppa Joe scrubs do different things so I am definitely excited to see how well the others work on my skin.

Disclaimer: This was a gifted product however not a sponsored post, only gifted for review. I am 100% honest in my reviews whether the product is gifted or not.

I would like to thank Cuppa Joe for sending me this incredible coffee body scrub, I know I will definitely get a lot of usage out of it. If you would like to work with me for a review or giveaway please see my Work With Me tab.

Thank you for reading my review, definitely check out the Cuppa Joe website: http://www.cuppajoebodyscrub.co.uk/ because their products are incredible and I will see you all in my next post!

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Review: Busted Tour


Hey Lovelies!

So on Saturday night I was lucky enough to be given last minute tickets to see Busted on their comeback tour and let me start by telling you how incredibly grateful I am for the tickets because it is one of the best shows I have seen. 


Growing up, like many my age, Busted were the band I absolutely loved so being able to see them now they’re back was like a dream come true. Saturday was the last night of their tour so if you didn’t see them do not worry because they did announce they will be releasing a new album later in the year and another tour. In James Bourne’s words ‘we are not back to be your 2nd favourite band, we’re back for good to be your 1st favourite band’. So they are definitely back and I am super excited.


Let’s start off with the boys themselves. They have quite obviously grew up a lot since they were last together, but that didn’t stop them from having fun. They were hilarious, charming and their voices are better than ever.


Onto their setlist, every song you could possibly want to hear was played. They played 17 songs altogether including, Air Hostess, You Said No, Thunderbirds Are Go, which in Matt’s words is ‘being retired’ after that show, then finishing with Crashed The Wedding, What I Go To School For and Year 3000. So overall, every song a Busted fan wanted to hear you heard. They also played a couple songs that will be on their new album which were incredible. They sounded a lot more mature but still had a normal Busted vibe to them. So definitely do check out their album when it drops because I am certain it will be a good one.


Onto the show itself, it was energetic, audience based and one of the best shows I have probably seen. There was crazy graphics and lighting, which of course from the McBusted tour I expected to see. It was ridiculously energetic with all three boys, especially James running around the runway every couple of minutes. The atmosphere was absolutely incredible and I am so glad I was able to be a part of that and experience it.


Overall I am so glad Busted are back. Their voices sound unreal, their new songs sound like it could be the best album release in a very long time and their comeback is one of the best that could happen for me and people my age. They were incredible and I honestly hope you guys get to experience their tour when they release new dates. I definitely do suggest you guys check out their album when they release it because if the first 2 songs from it are anything to go by it will be such a good album!

I did add a couple videos onto my Twitter, so go check them out @zoelouisesmithx

This week I have a lot of updates planned to make up for my absence whilst I was in Portugal so I hope you guys don’t mind that. With that being said, I’ll see you tomorrow on my next post!

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My Adventures: Portugal 2016


Hey Lovelies!

I am back from Portugal and I just feel the need to tell you all about it! It was my first time on an airplane, the first time abroad and the first time I’ve been on holiday without my parents. So overall it’s been a little crazy and I really want to tell you guys my experience. Honestly having a week of pure sun and heat was like heaven to me, I love having a tan, I love the heat and I love a reason to take a good old cold shower!

So we set off at 4am on Wednesday the 25th of May to Birmingham Airport where we would catch out flight at 7:20am to Faro Airport in Portugal. For my first flight it was actually not too bad, in all honesty I was really nervous but once I was on the plane I was fine. The take off was fine, the landing was fine and the flying part, to me, was just boring rather than anything else. In my brothers words ‘there is only so many clouds you can look at before you get bored’. Overall flying wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and looking back I don’t know what I was worried about.


Whilst in Portugal, my plan was honestly just to chill, get a tan and relax. After the time I’ve had recently I felt like I needed this break to get myself back to normal again. So that’s exactly what I did. I chilled out, I got a really nice tan and I had the best time I could.

IMG_7383 IMG_7445

Our hotel room was absolutely gorgeous, which is always a positive.

 IMG_7352 IMG_7351 IMG_7350

And the view from our balcony was even better!


All week the weather was 25 degrees or higher, but the highlight for me was on the Tuesday before we left it reached 35 degrees, which to me is ridiculous heat, but for one day I loved it, living in that heat I possibly would cry! Thankfully the weather stayed lovely all week, we had 1 morning of showers between 8am and 9am but then it went straight to 30 degree heat again!


The highlight of my week was going on a buggie safari across the Algarve. We seen some gorgeous sights and it honestly was the best experience I could have asked for. Not only was it a drive around, but we stopped and got told facts about certain things, we stopped at a village, we got to go up in a tree house for photos, overall we got to do so much in the time we were with the guide. The safari was arranged and ran by Aventura21 and if you are ever in Portugal, definitely do contact them and go on a tour because it was the best 3 hours I could have had. Disclaimer: Not sponsored, just thoroughly enjoyed it that much I want to recommend it to you guys.

With a week of sun, sea, alcohol, karaoke and quizzes we had the best week and I definitely recommend the ChoroMar hotel because the hospitality we received was amazing, the staff are all the loveliest people I know and the activities they arrange for families, adults and large groups are amazing, including karaoke, quizzes, parrot shows, reptile shows and many more. Disclaimer: Again, not sponsored, just loved the hospitality we received and recommend it to anyone.


Overall Portugal was the best week of my life and I definitely want to go back. I loved my first foreign holiday, I loved my first flight and experiencing it all with my brothers made it that little bit more special.

See you in tomorrows post!

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Review: Hazel and Kent


Hey Lovelies!

Today I have a post for you guys that I feel super lucky to be able to write. Hazel and Kent, who are an incredible company have sent me over a pair of their earrings to try and review and let you guys know my opinion, so today that view is what I am bringing to you. Firstly I would like to thank the guys at Hazel and Kent for sending me such gorgeous earrings!

So the first thing I want to talk about is Hazel and Kent as a company. They are super quick at posting your product, within 24 hours the package was delivered, which of course is always what you want when you order online! The parcel itself came in a padded envelope so it definitely couldn’t be damaged in transit, which again, is always nice when you order online and it gets to you safely. 

Now onto the packaging, it came in a lovely white box, sturdy and padded, so your product is very well protected. I think the packaging is actually really cute, as well as being super protective of the product inside of it, it isn’t just your standard one colour jewellery box, it is white with the black stripe through it, still really simple, but I just like how it isn’t completely plain.


Now onto the earrings themselves are these gorgeous silver stud earrings.

IMG_7757 IMG_7759

I love how simple they are because you can easily wear them for a casual day look or for a more sophisticated night look and they will look incredible either way. When it comes to earrings I love simple earrings that don’t take too much away from my make up, my hair or my outfit, so these for me are perfect. I wore them all day today and got numerous compliments with how pretty they look. One thing I can say is with certain earrings I find them to really irritate my ears and make them itchy, however with these, even though my ears are peeling from my holiday last week, they didn’t irritate me at all, so that is one thing I am super happy about.

Now onto prices! On the website these earrings are prices up at 50% off, only £12.50, which to me is an absolute bargain! They aren’t your average, cheap stud earrings, they are super pretty, super sparkly and they do not irritate your skin at all like some earrings do. For £12.50 these really are a bargain and I definitely recommend you grab them whilst stocks last.

Overall I am super impressed with Hazel and Kent as a company, the customer service was great, the packaging was really safe and protected, the postage was ridiculously quick and the product itself I am in love with. I definitely recommend the product itself and the company overall if you are looking for any jewellery.


Disclaimer: This was a gifted product however not a sponsored post, only gifted for review. I am 100% honest in my reviews whether the product is gifted or not.

I would like to thank Hazel and Kent for sending me these gorgeous earrings, I know I will definitely get a lot of usage out of them. If you would like to work with me for a review or giveaway please see my Work With Me tab.

Thank you for reading my review, definitely check out the Hazel and Kent website: https://www.hazelandkent.co.uk/ and check out their Instagram: @hazel_and_kent because their products are incredible and I will see you all in my next post!

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