2019 Update


Hi Guys!

I know, I know, I am the worlds worst blogger. After taking some time away from social media and my blog after going through some really tough things, I am finally back and ready to start posting more consistently. FINALLY being the key word. 

Blogging has always been what I turn to when I’m feeling really down and low, but for the last few months I haven’t been in a mind set where I have wanted to write or do any work on my blog and unless I am 100% and creating good content I don’t see the point in posting things that I wouldn’t be totally happy with.

But that being said, I now have a new job and I am finally feeling more myself and ready to be writing again. I have 2 posts planned for this week and then I will be posting a lot more over the foreseeable future, including more True Crime cases.

As I write this I have a True Crime Q&A LIVE over on my Instagram, so go over and ask me some questions about any cases, theories and anything you would like me to cover in my upcoming post. Direct Link: https://instagram.com/zoelouisesmithx

Thank you to everybody for the continued support.


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