Mental Health Monday’s #1

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Hey guys!

If you follow my Twitter or Instagram you will have seen I put out a call for people who wanted to share their mental health journey and allow me to post it for my new mental health series. I had more people than I could imagine come forward and want to be a part of it. This series is going to be all about mental health, people’s journeys, people’s recoveries and people’s lowest points in life. I am so honoured that so many people came forward willing to share their stories with me and willing to allow me to share it with my readers. That meant a lot to me. I am creating this series to support people, empower people and show people there is always light at the end of the tunnel no matter what you’re going through. I have always been very open about my mental health journey and I will continue to do so, I believe there is still a stigma in regards to mental health and if we work together as a society we can stop that stigma and show people there is nothing to be ashamed about if you are suffering with your mental health. I am hoping to create this series where every Monday I will be posting something as a ‘Mental Health Monday’ series all to help others. I think it is important to note that everything I post in this series is completely unedited, unchanged and raw from the person who has shared it with me.

This first post was wrote by someone very close to me, she’s wrote a few different posts so I’ll be sharing them over the next few weeks. I think she is an incredible writer and I am so proud of her for sharing her journey and I am honoured she’s willing to do it on my blog.

“Imagine this. You’re in a dark, desolate land, it seems like no one is around for miles, your lonely, scared and not sure just how long you’ll survive for. You don’t know how you got here, to this melancholy place, where the darkness is evil and the day of light is no where to be seen. You’re isolated from the world, from any other energies or existence. But you’re confused, your numb. You like being alone don’t you? You like being away from it all. You like the darkness…it gives you a sense of relief. You try to convince yourself that it doesn’t get much better. You try to settle here. Think you’ll be just fine, but it’s eerie, it’s sinister and the fear of the unknown suffocates you until you can’t breath. Tears stream down you’re face, you wish you could be somewhere recognisable, somewhere homely, somewhere that you used to know. But you’re not. You want to leave, escape from this place, but you have no idea how to. You walk and walk and try to find help; no ones around, not a laugh or a giggle. Not a shout or a scream. The darkness draws in even more so, without a glimpse of light around, what are you going to do? You cry, you stare into space, you hurt just that little bit more, you fall deeper and deeper into helplessness. You know you want help, but it’s clear that there is no hope, not a soul in sight. You’ve finally done it, you’ve given up. It’s almost feels calming, like you can let go. Like your free, you don’t need to try anymore, you don’t need to battle to get back. You can just get comfortable and live the rest of your days here. You settle with that thought, before yet again you’re drowning in your own tears. You think it’s the end. It’s time to end it all. What’s the point anymore, right? Suddenly in the distance you see a small beam of light, slowly coming towards you. It’s angelic and pure, and feels warming. It’s hope. It’s a helping hand. You feel yourself running towards it, but no matter how far you run it doesn’t seem much closer. You feel like giving up. You do sometimes, but each and every day you get closer and closer towards the light, you know there’s a way out. You don’t know how long it will take to get there or what the light leads to, but you know there is a way. You know you need to get there eventually, and you will. It takes time, it takes dedication but you will do it.”

I felt inspired by her writing and I hope it also inspires other people. If you wish to take part in my new Mental Health Monday’s series by contributing your journey or an inspiring piece like I have shared today then do not hesitate to email me, even if you are not the best writer in the world but still want to be involved then please do email me and we can still work something else:

Thank you for reading.




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