Review/First Impression: Village Hotel & Spa Dudley


Hey guys!

So on Friday evening I had the opportunity to spend the night at Village Hotel and Spa Dudley, so today’s post is a first impressions/review kind of post all about my experience.

I have never been to a spa so when I was given this opportunity of course I snapped it up! I finished work at 6:30pm and we headed straight over, arriving around 7:15. When we arrived, the car park was very full, however it was so big there was still plenty of space to park, which is always a positive when visiting a hotel. We went into the hotel, first impressions were very busy, very modern and very organised. After entering, almost immediately a member of staff came over, introduced herself and helped us to get checked in. Once checked in, she gave us our key card and explained to us where our room was and how to get there via a lift or stairs. She explained she would be around the reception area until 10pm so if we needed anything at all pop down and see her and she’ll help us, which I thought was lovely of her to say, very polite also. She also explained about an event taking place that evening, as well as if we were planning to eat the times that their pub and restaurant closed. Overall, she was very informative and helpful, but not too overwhelming, like you find in some hotels.

We made our way up to our room, 217 which was on the second floor. There were plenty of signs in the lift as well as around the hotel explaining how to get to each room, which is very helpful in a hotel of that size. When we entered our room, my first impression honestly was ‘wow’. It was gorgeous. It was modern, it was colourful, the bed was so comfortable, we had a huge flat screen TV with Sky and the bathroom was absolutely gorgeous. (I will insert pictures below). Overall I was super impressed. The only slightly negative was the standing fan we had had wobbly legs, but other than that I honestly couldn’t fault a single thing.

IMG_7099.JPG IMG_7100.JPG IMG_7101.JPG

A nice added bonus, that was definitely not expected was this from Simon, the general manager:


One thing I thought was honestly incredible about this hotel was the fact we didn’t arrive until 7:15 but the pool, sauna, steam room, spa, gym, everything was still open until 10pm, which for me, after a hard day at work was like heaven! Most hotels have set times, like 10-6 in the pool or whatever, but Village had their facilities open until 10pm so no matter what time you arrived you could go to relax. I would say by 7:30 we were down in the pool relaxing, honestly no better way to start a bank holiday weekend!After spending just over an hour in their pool, sauna and steam room, we made our way back to our rooms. Again, all of the staff downstairs were lovely, they showed us where everything was and were very helpful.

After probably the best nights sleep in a while, we made our way downstairs for breakfast. Breakfast is served between 7am and 10am, so whether you’re an early riser or a late starter you can go and have breakfast. When we got into the breakfast room, a member of staff, again, almost immediately came over to us. We were lead over to our table and the member of staff asked us if we had been before, in which we responded with no, so he then explained where everything was for us, as well as asking if we would like tea or coffee. 

In all honesty, this was the best breakfast I have ever seen in a hotel. It was basically a help yourself buffet, all of your hot foods, such as bacon, sausage, variety of eggs, tomatoes, etc were lay out in a heated buffet thing (not sure of the name?) so you could help yourself. Then there was a table of bread, toast and pastries. Then another table of cereal and juices. Overall there was so much choice and variety. The only slight negative for me, was the toasting machine was quite slow and the bread needed to go through it a few times to be toasted, so it took a little while of standing there before it was done and you could go and eat. Other than that I couldn’t fault the breakfast. Members of staff were constantly around for you, making sure everything was okay and bringing you anything you needed.

Overall, I had the best time. It was the first time experiencing Village Hotels and it definitely didn’t disappoint. It was one of the best experiences I’ve had in a hotel, the staff were constantly there ready to help you and no matter how busy they were, there was always plenty of staff around to speak to if needed. I recommend Village Hotel and Spa Dudley to anyone, I really do. The whole experience was amazing.

Thank you for reading and once again, thank you Simon and the whole team for welcoming us and allowing us to experience your incredible hotel.


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