Unreal Blogging Opportunities…


Hey Lovelies!

Today I am going to be writing about some of the unreal opportunities I have been given over the past couple of months. I don’t blog to earn money or be gifted products, I do it because it gives me a release, it’s somewhere I come to write and let out my feelings and enjoy myself in my own little world for a few hours. I started blogging because I thoroughly enjoyed writing in school and sixth form and I wanted a way to continue to write after I finished my A-Levels and blogging was a perfect way to do that so there started zoelouisesmithx.com. 

However the bonus of being able to collaborate with some of the biggest brands and companies around the world is something I couldn’t ever have even dreamed of happening. So this post is essentially all of the amazing opportunities I have been given recently. This time last year I was in an emotionally, mentally and physically abusive relationship, rarely leaving the house, overweight and constantly sexually harassed at work, but today I am here in a relationship with someone who treats me like a princess, I have a great bunch of friends I regularly go out with, I am 2 pounds off my goal weight and I am able to work doing something I love doing. I am writing this post not to brag about what I have got or what I am doing, but to show that anything is possible. I went from attempting suicide, to being probably the happiest I have ever been and honestly if this inspires one person to pursue their dreams and realise that they can achieve anything they put their mind to then I feel like it was worth writing.

Firstly the brand I think I was completely shocked by when I received an email is Protein World. They work with some of the biggest celebrities in the world, including the Kardashian/Jenner family, so the fact they wanted to work with me blew my mind. I received their 30 day challenge which I am half way through completing. Honestly I had heard some incredible things about Protein World but I had never had the opportunity to try their products and in all honesty I can totally see the hype around them. Their Slender Blend is honestly the best tasting protein shake I have ever tried. I have tried numerous shakes over the past 12 months or so whilst on my journey to lose weight and I have never found one I liked the taste of, but Protein World sent me their Vanilla Slender Blend and it is honestly so nice I could drink them all day, every day if I could. 

The second company I am currently working with is Bondi Sands. They sent me their tanning foam in light/medium and also a tester of their dark tanning foam and also their gradual tanning milk moisturiser. Personally, I have never used a fake tan before apart from 4 years ago for prom so it was definitely something new for me. For me I actually really like their products, the dark tanning foam is too dark for me, but that’s personal preference, however the light/medium is perfect for a subtle tan, but it can also be built up with extra layers if needed. The gradual tanning milk moisturiser is also very good for a gradual building tan, it isn’t took intense and it’s very gradual so could get away with being a natural tan. 

The next company I am working with is Yankee Candle, which for me is an incredible company with incredible products. They sent me some candles from their brand new range called Viva Havana and Cuban Mojito which both have really intense smells and they both smell incredible so being able to work with them with such incredible products is amazing. The best smelling parcel I have ever received for sure.

The fourth company is West Midlands Safari Park. I have received 8 complimentary tickets for my whole family to go which I am so excited for! I haven’t been in so long so being able to go with my whole family will be amazing. Watch out for a full review of our visit over the summer!

Next on the list is a company/brand I almost cried over when I received a phonecall from them. Man United Football Club want to work with me, what?! I had a lovely phonecall regarding a bespoke, luxury, VIP tour. Unreal right? This will only be the third time Man United have offered this to someone so for me that is an incredible achievement for myself. So again, keep your eye out for a full review of their incredible stadium and the experience of their tour!

Another company/brand is BAMMA, probably the biggest MMA company in the UK. I will be attending BAMMA 29 on the 12th of May, two days time in their press section including backstage and interview access, which for me is absolutely unreal opportunity. So over the weekend a full post regarding the night, the fights and everything I experience will be posted so keep your eyes open!

Another company is Blackpool Cluster, which includes Madam Tussauds, the Blackpool Tower, the Blackpool Dungeons, the Blackpool Ballroom, the sealife centre and more. They will be giving me access to visit all of those above places and experience them all with my boyfriend, which I am super excited for. So again, another post regarding that trip will be up maybe during the summer. Similar to that, Thorpe Park an Twcross Zoo will be doing the same so a full review and post of those will also be coming during 2017. A very exciting summer ahead!

Daytona Go Karting is also another company who have gave me an opportunity to spend a day with them with my friends, which for me is super exciting as I have never actually been go karting before so it should be fun!

Waffle Project in Hall Green, Birmingham, is another company I am working with. I absolutely love Waffle Project so being able to work with them is unreal. I will be receiving a hoodie from them which is gorgeous may I add.

Another company I am able to work with is Travel Lodge, they have allowed me to book a break with them in exchange for a full review of their hotel. Which of course, will be 100% honest. It’ll be a little like Four in The Bed, if you guys have ever seen that show, where people visit each others hotels and critique them.

Another company I am so excited to work with is Krispy Kreme! Receiving a Green Card from them is something I never imagined I would be able to do, so working with them is honestly a dream. Next up is Evans, a women’s clothing company who are lovely enough to be sending out some t-shirts which I can’t wait to receive.

Another event I am able to attend with press passes is BBC Gardeners World Live and Birmingham NEC, which I am so excited for. My parents are both garden lovers so being able to take them to that is going to be incredible.

The next two companies are both ran by the same PR company, Russell Hobbs and Remington, both companies I am super excited to be working with in the very near future. The last company is Poundland, a company I am sure everybody is aware of. I will be working with them very very soon, so keep your eyes on my social media for the collaboration with all three of these companies.

I am currently working with these brands and am in talks with many more, all brands and companies I love and could never have ever dreamed of working with. As I said before this post in no way, shape or form is to brag about what I have got or what I am doing, it is simply a post to show that anything is possible if you keep at it. I was laughed at when I first started blogging, being told it was stupid and it wasn’t worth it, but now those people who laughed at me are contacting me, trying to get me to help them. It is a dream to work with brands I absolutely love. As I said previously, I was in a horrible, horrible place 12 months ago but now I am settled and loving what I do. So if I can do that, so can anybody else, just keep at it. 

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, if you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll know I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, so mental health awareness is something very close to my heart. Recently I have been discharged by my councillor and I am almost at a point where I can stop taking my anti depressants and anxiety tablets, so at some point in the next week or so I will be doing a full post about my mental health journey and hopefully I can raise some awareness along with my followers support. 

For someone who 3 months ago was in hospital, 2 tablets away from dying after a suicide attempt, I am ridiculously proud of how far I have come and how much my life has changed and I feel like if I can do it, then so can anyone!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and I will see you all very soon!


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