Review: The Full Monty Theatre Show

Hey Lovelies!

Today’s post is a review of The Full Monty theatre show. If you didn’t know the show is currently on tour playing shows all across the UK and this afternoon I was lucky enough to go and see the matinee show. I’ve never been to a matinee show but I always assumed not as much effort went into them however I was totally wrong. I was second row from the front in the stalls and honestly I had the best couple of hours. 

The show obviously has a lot of humour in it, which was expected but beneath all of that it targets some sensitive issues that happen to people every single day. Such as body image, homosexuality, unemployment, depression, sexual equality and court proceedings where a child is involved. It includes a lot of heartfelt sensitive issues and they are included in a careful way where nobody can be offended but you might be able to relate to what they are going through.

I think the creators, writers, producers and everybody involved did an incredible job. They included the light hearted parts and humorous parts but they also included those scenes where the sensitive issues are brought up. I think, for me, the best scene was of course the scene in the ‘job club’ where the music is playing and they start dancing in the queue. I think if that scene wasn’t included it just wouldn’t be the same. I also want to say fair play to all of the actors for stripping right down to the bare bottom. I honestly think the whole performance was incredible and I was totally wrong about the fact that matinee shows being different, they are just as good as evening shows! 

If you get the chance to see the show then I really do recommend you do. If you follow me and have been you will know I go to a lot of shows but this has to be one of the best ones. I have always said The Bodyguard is the best show I’ve seen at the theatre but this was definitely very close if not slightly better. 

All of the performers were incredible but my stand out performers were of course Gary Lucy and Chris Fountain. I’ve always had a soft spot for them, Gary since Footballers Wives and Chris since Hollyoaks so being able to see them both on stage was amazing. I have loved the performance and I think everybody should see it if you get the chance!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review and I will see you in my next post!

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