Cake Toppers!

Hey Lovelies!

Today I am going to be talking about my gorgeous personalised cup cakes from Cake Toppers. You can visit their website at

I was luckily sent a pack of two cupcakes, one chocolate and one regular sponge and honestly they are delicious! But firstly I want to talk the ordering of the cakes. When I was asked about the cakes I of course jumped at the chance to have some. When ordering with Sam she was lovely and went through it all with me and how long it would take and when it should be delivered and the whole process was super easy.

Secondly the packaging! The cakes were packaged in separate cellophane bags, then in a plastic holder tray and then in bubble wrap then in the box so there is no way that they will go stale or get damaged whilst in the post which is so good!

Onto the delivery! I was sent the cakes within 24 hours of the confirmation email and within another 24 hours they had arrived which is incredible! Most personalised items take days, sometimes weeks to arrive but the cakes came the very next day and I am honestly really shocked but very happy about that fact!

Now I want to talk about the pictures on the cakes. I chose two pictures and Sam at Cake Toppers was lovely throughout, the photos on the cakes are incredible quality, which honestly surprised me as many personalised products have a photo that has gone fuzzy and doesn’t look quite right but these are such good quality I was amazed when I seen them.

Then it came to tasting them and I was not disappointed! They are so soft and fluffy and they tasted really fresh too! I absolutely love cake and this didn’t let me down, I loved every bite and it is defintely something you will want more of.

When the products arrive you also get a sheet full of all the information you need on the ingredients and any allergy information which I think is really good too. So if you plan to give them out, anyone with allergies can check before eating them which is definitely ideal.

Overall the company are great, the staff you talk to are very helpful, the cakes are delicious and I would definitely recommend using them for all of your cake needs!

I also have a discount code. So if you use ZLS10 at the checkout you will get 10% off!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my review, I definitely recommend their brand and products. I will see you all in my next post!

Side note: I will be doing a giveaway with this brand very soon for Christmas so subscribe to my newsletter so you don’t miss out on the chance to win some delicious cakes! Use this link:

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