Superdrug and Bodycare Haul


Hey Lovelies!

So me and my mom went to have a girls day out, nails, food and shopping and of course I couldn’t resist popping into Superdrug and Bodycare, which at the moment are two of my favourite shops. They have some incredible deals on right now, so I just couldn’t resist, so today I’m going to show you guys the products I picked up. Some are first time buys and some are products I have loved before so decided to pick them up again.


The first thing I brought is a repurchase, it is the MUA Skin Define Hydro foundation. This time I brought it in a shade lighter, Ivory as the one I had before was slightly too dark for me. This foundation is a light to medium coverage, it isn’t the best foundation however for my skin type which is really dry, it works well for me so I’ve repurchased it until I can find something which is better coverage but fits my skin type. 


The next product I brought is a brand new product from Sleek, it is their new plumping lip product, which I brought in Colossal Coral. I actually tried this on when I got home and it was stinging my lips so I don’t think I’ll be using it much at all because it actually hurt quite a bit. However the colour is lovely! 


The next product I brought is this technic mega mattes eyeshadow palette, I have never used any technic products before so I thought I would pick this up and try it out.


The next product is another technic product, it is these contour stix. They are cream contour sticks and they look super pretty so can’t wait to try them!


The next product is this MUA Mega Volume mascara. If you have been following my blog you will know by now MUA is one of my favourite brands, they have some incredible products however I have never actually tried their mascara so I thought I would pick one up and try it.


These next products, again new things I have never tried, 2 face masks and 1 hair mask. I am loving face masks at the minute as my skin is getting better by using them, so I thought I would pick up a couple I have never tried before. Similarly, I have heard great reviews about hair masks so I thought why not pick one up and try it.


 The final product was just a tube of Bepanthen which is a little boring but this cream is incredible for tattoos so of course I picked one up purely to put on my new tattoo.


So that is everything I picked up on my mini haul, all of these products were reasonably cheap and I can’t wait to try them all out. If you want a review on some or all of these products do let me know so I can write those for you.

I will see you all very soon in my next post!

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