Review: Gearbest Brand and Products


Hey Lovelies!

I am extremely lucky to have been sent a bag full of goodies from the incredible brand Gearbest, so today I’m going to be writing about two of the products I have received. The two products I have chose for today’s post is a light up dog collar and a watch. I was also sent a leather jacket and a hair straightening brush which I’ll definitely be posting about soon. I am super excited and grateful for the straightening brush as I have wanted one for so long, so I can’t wait to try it and see if it actually works so I can let you guys know if it’s worth the hype or not! But firstly, let’s talk about the first two products I received.

The first product I received is a light up dog collar for my little puppy Archie! 


I think it is super cute with a leopard print and the lights have different features also, including quick flashing, slow flashing, not flashing at all or not lit up at all. It is also really good quality which is definitely what I look for in a collar, specially for Archie as he loves to run around and pull you when he’s on his lead so a strong collar is a must. I think it’s just a really love gift to be sent over and Archie seems to be loving it so far!

The second gift I was sent is me all over so Gearbest definitely know me well! This gorgeous watch:


It says ‘who cares, I’m already late’ and I just love it. It’s a silver watch with white leather straps. It is humorous but true and I love it. I have been looking for a watch for a while now to wear to work and I am super grateful to have been sent this one as it’s simple but cute. It also looks good with any outfit as it’s plain white and silver.

Onto the brand itself… Gearbest are a company that ship all sorts of products worldwide for free! Which to me is incredible, because who doesn’t love free shipping? They also cover any customs charges which is incredible to me, because the worst thing is when you order something online then you’re stung with an unexpected customs bill. They have a range of products on their website, including the items I’ve shared above, Apple accessories, phone accessories, electrical appliances, tablets, tools, PC’s, literally anything you need! Gearbest is a new brand to me, but I am so glad I have found them because everything you need is on one website, which makes me very happy! Not only do they do free shipping and pay your customs bills, they also sell their products ridiculously cheap which is always an added bonus. If you haven’t heard of Gearbest, definitely go and check their website out and let me know if you order anything!

This week I have 2 posts scheduled and ready to post, which I am super excited about and I have 2 others that I am currently editing, so it’ll be a very busy week on my blog. Make sure you’ve subscribed so you can see exactly when I post!

See you all very soon!

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