Review: Busted Tour


Hey Lovelies!

So on Saturday night I was lucky enough to be given last minute tickets to see Busted on their comeback tour and let me start by telling you how incredibly grateful I am for the tickets because it is one of the best shows I have seen. 


Growing up, like many my age, Busted were the band I absolutely loved so being able to see them now they’re back was like a dream come true. Saturday was the last night of their tour so if you didn’t see them do not worry because they did announce they will be releasing a new album later in the year and another tour. In James Bourne’s words ‘we are not back to be your 2nd favourite band, we’re back for good to be your 1st favourite band’. So they are definitely back and I am super excited.


Let’s start off with the boys themselves. They have quite obviously grew up a lot since they were last together, but that didn’t stop them from having fun. They were hilarious, charming and their voices are better than ever.


Onto their setlist, every song you could possibly want to hear was played. They played 17 songs altogether including, Air Hostess, You Said No, Thunderbirds Are Go, which in Matt’s words is ‘being retired’ after that show, then finishing with Crashed The Wedding, What I Go To School For and Year 3000. So overall, every song a Busted fan wanted to hear you heard. They also played a couple songs that will be on their new album which were incredible. They sounded a lot more mature but still had a normal Busted vibe to them. So definitely do check out their album when it drops because I am certain it will be a good one.


Onto the show itself, it was energetic, audience based and one of the best shows I have probably seen. There was crazy graphics and lighting, which of course from the McBusted tour I expected to see. It was ridiculously energetic with all three boys, especially James running around the runway every couple of minutes. The atmosphere was absolutely incredible and I am so glad I was able to be a part of that and experience it.


Overall I am so glad Busted are back. Their voices sound unreal, their new songs sound like it could be the best album release in a very long time and their comeback is one of the best that could happen for me and people my age. They were incredible and I honestly hope you guys get to experience their tour when they release new dates. I definitely do suggest you guys check out their album when they release it because if the first 2 songs from it are anything to go by it will be such a good album!

I did add a couple videos onto my Twitter, so go check them out @zoelouisesmithx

This week I have a lot of updates planned to make up for my absence whilst I was in Portugal so I hope you guys don’t mind that. With that being said, I’ll see you tomorrow on my next post!

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