My Adventures: Portugal 2016


Hey Lovelies!

I am back from Portugal and I just feel the need to tell you all about it! It was my first time on an airplane, the first time abroad and the first time I’ve been on holiday without my parents. So overall it’s been a little crazy and I really want to tell you guys my experience. Honestly having a week of pure sun and heat was like heaven to me, I love having a tan, I love the heat and I love a reason to take a good old cold shower!

So we set off at 4am on Wednesday the 25th of May to Birmingham Airport where we would catch out flight at 7:20am to Faro Airport in Portugal. For my first flight it was actually not too bad, in all honesty I was really nervous but once I was on the plane I was fine. The take off was fine, the landing was fine and the flying part, to me, was just boring rather than anything else. In my brothers words ‘there is only so many clouds you can look at before you get bored’. Overall flying wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and looking back I don’t know what I was worried about.


Whilst in Portugal, my plan was honestly just to chill, get a tan and relax. After the time I’ve had recently I felt like I needed this break to get myself back to normal again. So that’s exactly what I did. I chilled out, I got a really nice tan and I had the best time I could.

IMG_7383 IMG_7445

Our hotel room was absolutely gorgeous, which is always a positive.

 IMG_7352 IMG_7351 IMG_7350

And the view from our balcony was even better!


All week the weather was 25 degrees or higher, but the highlight for me was on the Tuesday before we left it reached 35 degrees, which to me is ridiculous heat, but for one day I loved it, living in that heat I possibly would cry! Thankfully the weather stayed lovely all week, we had 1 morning of showers between 8am and 9am but then it went straight to 30 degree heat again!


The highlight of my week was going on a buggie safari across the Algarve. We seen some gorgeous sights and it honestly was the best experience I could have asked for. Not only was it a drive around, but we stopped and got told facts about certain things, we stopped at a village, we got to go up in a tree house for photos, overall we got to do so much in the time we were with the guide. The safari was arranged and ran by Aventura21 and if you are ever in Portugal, definitely do contact them and go on a tour because it was the best 3 hours I could have had. Disclaimer: Not sponsored, just thoroughly enjoyed it that much I want to recommend it to you guys.

With a week of sun, sea, alcohol, karaoke and quizzes we had the best week and I definitely recommend the ChoroMar hotel because the hospitality we received was amazing, the staff are all the loveliest people I know and the activities they arrange for families, adults and large groups are amazing, including karaoke, quizzes, parrot shows, reptile shows and many more. Disclaimer: Again, not sponsored, just loved the hospitality we received and recommend it to anyone.


Overall Portugal was the best week of my life and I definitely want to go back. I loved my first foreign holiday, I loved my first flight and experiencing it all with my brothers made it that little bit more special.

See you in tomorrows post!

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