Review: BKLYN Blackcurrant Bobble Hat


Hey Lovelies!

So recently I joined a website called The Blogger Programme which is an incredible website where bloggers can connect with brands and brands can connect with bloggers and I think it is just a really good website where you can contact other bloggers and brands. If you’re a blogger I would definitely recommend you join their website, which is absolutely free! Disclaimer: This isn’t sponsored, I just truly believe their website is incredible.

From their website, last week I was lucky enough to be sent a bobble hat from a company called BKLYN so today I’m going to review the hat itself, the company as a whole and everything else that I feel is necessary for you guys to know.


First things first, when they contacted me I gave them my address and within 24 hours the package had arrived so their delivery is super quick, which of course is great because with any product you order online you want it as soon as possible.

Secondly the packing itself is absolutely gorgeous. 


It comes in a really sturdy cardboard, slimline shaped box with the really cool logo on the front. Definitely some of the nicest packaging I have received for sure!

Now onto the products itself. I was sent the Blackcurrant Hat Raccoon Fur Pom Pom.


In the package is the blackcurrant hat itself and then two pom poms.


There is a purple and black one…


And then a brown and tan one…


The pom poms are button on, so you can wear the hat with or without, which I think is a really good idea as it suits anybody’s taste.


The hat itself is super soft and comfortable to wear and I really do love it. It has the BYLYN logo on the front which I think is actually quite a nice touch, instead of having a massive written logo, it’s cute, small and simple and doesn’t take the elegance of the hat away.


Overall I love everything about this hat. These hats retail at £55 and in all honesty as much as I truly do love this hat, personally I wouldn’t pay that much for it. Of course everybody is different and my dad immediately said he would buy one, but to me, someone who wears a hat as an accessory or simply just to keep me warm, I just could not bring myself to pay £55 for one. However, saying that, this is one of the nicest hats I have wore and I definitely recommend their brand to anyone. But I think paying £40+ for a bobble hat for me is just out of the question. Again though, if you’re into hats and you’re willing to pay slightly more than myself, definitely check out this brand because it is the softest, nicest and well made hat I have probably ever had.


Disclaimer: This was a gifted product however not a sponsored post, only gifted for review. I am 100% honest in my reviews whether the product is gifted or not.

I would like to thank BKLYN for sending me this hat, I know I will definitely get a lot of usage out of it, especially living here in the UK where it is freezing and raining the majority of the time. If you would like to work with me for a review or giveaway please see my Work With Me tab.

Thank you for reading my review, definitely check out the BKLYN website: because their products are incredible and I will see you all in my next post!

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