Review: We Are UB40 Tour


Hey Lovelies!

Tonight I had the honour and privilege of seeing UB40 featuring Ali, Astro and Mikey on their homecoming show at the Barclaycard Arena on their We Are UB40 tour. 

I have always loved UB40’s music for as long as I can remember, so when I seen Ali was touring, I knew I had to see them. Even though it was only 3 members of the original band, it was honestly something special.

In my opinion Ali Campbell is UB40, his voice is the iconic sound of UB40 and it just wouldn’t be the same without him. Tonight he really didn’t disappoint, his voice sounds just as it did when he was younger, which honestly I was surprised by because I just assumed as time had gone on his voice might have deteriorated, but I can tell you right now it definitely hasn’t.

Among their set list was tracks such as Fijian Sunset, Cherry Oh Baby, Groovin’ and Sticky By Me and then of course classics like Can’t Help Falling in Love, Kingston Town and Red Red Wine, they sang everything people wanted to hear and so much more. All in all I would say they sang nearing 20 songs altogether and probably more than that. In total they were on stage around an hour and 45 minutes, from 9pm until 10:45pm with only a couple of minutes break before the encore, so literally an hour and forty minutes of pure reggae music from I would say, one of the best bands the UK have produced.

As previously mentioned, only 3 of the original band were there, Ali, Astro and Mikey, however you wouldn’t have been able to tell at all. The musicians were all incredible, Ali’s voice was the best I have heard in a long time and Astro too had strong vocals throughout the night.

Once again I have seen a concert from someone in the older generation and they didn’t disappoint at all, in fact they were one of the best I have been to. Seeing UB40, especially hearing Ali’s voice live has been a dream of mine for years and now I can finally tick it off. 

If you haven’t seen these guys live, I would definitely recommend you do because they are incredible. They are legends in their own rights and to say I live 10 minutes from where they originated and first gigged makes me that slight more proud than I would normally be. It’s good to see people from Birmingham doing good, specially as they’re getting older.

I for one loved tonight. If you can get to a UB40 show where Ali, Astro and Mikey are performing definitely do and you won’t regret it. I think we were the youngest people there, however that didn’t stop us from dancing, singing, laughing and just enjoying the incredible show that was put on.

I hope you enjoyed my review and I hope one day you all have the opportunity to see them live because everybody should be able to witness this kind of talent live.


One thought on “Review: We Are UB40 Tour

  1. Ali is sounding great, and strong as ever. I think it is down to the fact that he has always been a great live singer. The guy has been on tour for at least 30 years of his fourty year’s at the top. Brilliant live and knows how to produce great albums. Leg-end a top guy who has been feeding me and everyone else great reggae tunes since the beginning. Biggy to you Sir Ali Campbell.


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