Review: The Bodyguard Musical


Last night I had the most incredible night, absolutely phenomenal. Nobody will ever compare to Whitney Houston, let’s make that clear before I begin, but Alexandra Burke came pretty close. I think I was possibly the youngest person there at 18 but honestly, it reaches every single age bracket.

I have loved Whitney Houston and The Bodyguard movie since I can remember, so being able to see it live and get this, front row, was just crazy. The whole show, production, cast, song, dance, just everything was incredible. 
For anybody who hasn’t seen The Bodyguard, (where have you been all this time?) it is a film based around a very talented lady called Rachel Marron who is under threat from an obsessed stalker. Her team hire Frank Farmer to protect her as her bodyguard. At first Rachel finds him irritating and restrictive, however as she later gets to know him better, she ends up falling in love.
The show literally started with a bang, which made the whole audience jump! But it got everybody immediately engrossed in the action and what was to come. It is one of the only shows I’ve been to where the audience know what the storyline is, but is still gripped and on the edge of their seats due to the intensity of it all playing out on stage.
The whole cast put on an amazing show, but a few stand outs for me is Mike Denman who plays the stalker, because he plays his character so well, even I was freaked out every time he came on stage. Very chilling character, which is exaggerated by the chilling music played and the lighting whenever he’s around. Also Stuart Reid, who plays Frank, who’s karaoke performance of I Will Always Love You is a hit! (Why is it not on iTunes yet?) Another incredible performer, Melissa James, who played Rachel’s sister Nikki. Even though her character is overshadowed by Rachel, she surely wasn’t! Her vocals are stunning! Truly beautiful. And her cover of Saving All My Love For You was effortless! Another note, the little boy who played Fletcher, Rachel’s son, was very cute and very talented!
And of course the incredibly talented Alexandra Burke, for those who don’t know, won The X Factor back in 2008, I liked her then, I love her now. Her vocals are unreal, the notes she can hit, honestly it was unbelievable. I was honestly speechless and still am at just how incredible she was. Playing Rachel,Whitney Houston’s part, is a big ask, those are massive shoes to fill, but she did that role justice and it’s just a shame Whitney couldn’t be there to see just how much of an incredible show Alexandra puts on. Being able to do that 6/7 shows a week, honestly I don’t know how she does it. The dances are so energetic, the vocal range is ridiculous, but she pulls it off every single night from what I have heard and last night was no different. She really captures Whitney Houston’s tone but also puts her fresher spin on the songs, which makes them her own. I also loved how her character was modernised, super sassy and fierce!
The Bodyguard is fast paced, emotional, chilling at times and packed with bundles of energy. At times I felt like I was at a concert rather than a musical. The choreography was incredible also, the energy put into every movement made it all seem very concert like and very real. Also, the outfits, from household jeans and a jumper, to sparkly cat suits, very well designed! I also want to mention the humour brought to the musical that you didn’t see in the film. Frank doing karaoke, the stalker singing I Wanna Dance With Somebody, honestly very humours throughout. I was also very impressed with the fact they included Million Dollar Bill, which is one of the last songs Whitney recorded, that was a surprise but a very good one! I was especially happy with the fact Greatest Love Of All was sang, because that is my all time favourite song, so I was incredibly happy with that. Alexandra’s cover was beautiful!
The finale of I Wanna Dance With Somebody had the whole audience singing, dancing and just having an amazing time. It was the best ending to a musical you could ask for. 
Overall, every aspect of The Bodyguard was incredible, it’s an emotional journey which you truly believe and invest in. Within 10 minutes of arriving home after a 30 minute journey home, listening to the soundtrack we purchased there, I was already looking for other dates and cities to see if I could get more tickets, I was truly that impressed. So in January I will be travelling to Bristol to see the show again, which I am very excited for!
The Bodyguard tour continues around the country so if you haven’t already booked your seats, I truly suggest you do, because I can promise you, you will not regret it. 

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