How to: Upkeep a long distance friendship


One of my best friends lives nearly 2 hours away from me, which granted, isn’t too far away, but with her having a baby and me being super busy with college and work, it’s hard for us to maintain a healthy friendship. However, we do it because we both want it to work. When you have a friend who doesn’t live near you, you have to be willing to make more of an effort to maintain a healthy friendship. So I’ve decided to write down 5 ideas on how me and my friend maintain our friendship and maybe this can help some of you to do the same, some points may even relate to a long distance relationship also.

  1. Both people need to be willing to make the effort to communicate. – If only one person is sending messages and talking to them then the friendship isn’t going to last because the person making the effort will get bored of getting nothing back.
  2. You need to be willing to travel every so often via train, car, bus, even plane, whatever it may be. – Even if it is only once every couple of months at least you can see each other, even if it’s only for a few hours to go for some food or something simple like that.
  3. Always try your best to have something in common. – If you have an interest such as a band, a song, a video, anything that you both like, it means you can chat and ‘fangirl’ about for hours on end.
  4. Never treat them as though they aren’t as important as someone who lives close to you. – If they’re your friend, near or far, they are just as important as any of you other friends, so never ever rub it in their face about something your close friends do together. Always include them and make them feel welcome.
  5. It sounds really old fashioned, but every once in a while send them a letter. Yes it is easy to send a quick text and see how they are, but there is nothing better than someone making the effort to send a letter or a card or something with a bit more depth than a text message which takes seconds to send and next to no effort to think up. A letter is something that they can read and keep knowing you’ve made a little more effort than a simple text.

Hopefully some of these points work for you too. It can be hard maintaining a friendship with someone close to you let alone someone far away especially when you’re both busy with work and other commitments, but friendships and relationships can work no matter the distance as long as both parties are willing to try.


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