Review: Ariana Grande’s Honeymoon Tour!


Since buying tickets for Ariana’s Honeymoon Tour back in November, my friends and I had been incredibly excited to finally be seeing her live after what seemed like forever. Ariana regularly came over to England but it was always London, so the fact she was actually coming to our city, Birmingham was an exciting thought. And let me tell you, she definitely lived up to our expectations.

Early Tuesday morning, the 9th of June 2015 I woke up and realised today was the day. But first I had to get through two hours of listening to my college teacher talk about Shakespeare, which definitely put a downer on proceedings. However once that was over, me and my friend caught the bus into town to meet our other friend. 

Of course you can’t have a girls day out without grabbing some food, so Nando’s was the final decision. After eating we made our way to my friends hotel where we stayed for a couple hours, listening to music and getting ourselves even more excited to see Ariana. We began getting ready at 4pm and by 5:30pm we were leaving the hotel ready to take the 10 minute walk to the arena.

We arrived at the Barclaycard Arena and there were already thousands of people there, even though the doors were not open yet. It was unreal, the atmosphere was incredible and everybody was buzzing for the show which we had waited for for as long as we can remember.

When we got inside the arena we ran straight down to our seats, 4 freaking rows from the front, how crazy is that?

We had to wait a while, but finally the support act came on stage at 7pm. Krishane. Personally I had never heard of him until it was announced he would be supporting Ariana in Glasgow and Birmingham due to Rixton leaving for America. If I’m honest I was gutted when Rixton said they wasn’t coming to the Birmingham show because as a huge fan of them I was super excited to see them again after so long. So my expectations for Krishane were incredibly high because in my opinion no support act would be as good as Rixton would have been. 

I was actually surprised by Krishane, a few of his songs were rather catchy and people seemed to be enjoying his performance. Although the only time people would scream and cheer was when he mentioned Ariana’s name. He then brought out Melissa Steel as a special guest, who I think is an incredible artist, so that was an awesome surprise that nobody expected at all. Overall I’m not into Krishane, but he held his own and was quite good with catchy songs, but as I said, nobody would live up to Rixton in terms of support acts.

During Krishane’s set, Scott, Ariana’s dancer came and stood at the barrier just in front of our block. I needed a photo with him, he was always one of my favourite dancers of Ariana’s. So I quickly scooted out of my row and walked down to grab a quick photo. He was lovely as expected! The security guard near the barrier asked me what I was doing and I said “I really want a photo with Scott.” Then Scott came over and said “Me?” I was like “Yes please.” He went “Of course babe.” And we took a cute little selfie and honestly my night was already off to an incredible start due to him being so lovely and just having the best smile. We had a brief 2 minute conversation about the tour and how excited we both were for the show and then I went back to my seat to allow him to enjoy the rest of Krishane’s set. I was one of the only people who got a photo with him, as the majority didn’t recognise him but by the time they did he had to leave to prepare for the show, so I was incredibly grateful I got the opportunity to talk to and take a photo with one of my favourite dancers.

After another long 45 minute wait, eventually the countdown for Ariana began and I was super excited. Everybody shouted, cheered, screamed and went mental as the 60 second clock began. When Ariana came out, I have never heard a place erupt into cheers as loud as that. With 12,000 people cheering, screaming, crying and singing along to the first words of ‘Bang Bang’. 

I was particularly emotional when Ariana’s grandpa was on the big screen talking and giving Ariana a speech before he passed away, this was shown just before ‘My Everything.’ The whole arena was quiet and just watching and being respectful and it just made my heart melt.

The whole show was incredible, from start to end, I absolutely loved it. Every song was incredible, as expected. The live band were so good also. The set, the costumes, Ariana’s voice, the dancers, the dances, the band, the crowd, the atmosphere. Literally everything was incredible and I couldn’t have asked for a better night. The Honeymoon tour definitely lived up to and beyond my expectations and I loved every second. 

Even though the mic stopped working during ‘Tattooed Heart’, Ariana was still in high spirits, for the majority of the song she was laughing and tapping her mic because it just wouldn’t work, so instead she stood listening to 12,000 people sing back to her because there was nothing she could do until her technical team got the mic working again. Ariana was eternally grateful that the whole arena sang for her, she gave a speech, probably 5 minutes long where she spoke about how grateful she was for her fans and how she was feeling “even more grateful” on that night in particular, she didn’t elaborate on why but the whole audience were emotional during the speech.

We also met Max, one of the dancers and Alfredo, Ariana’s and Justin Bieber’s photography and one of my favourite ever people since 2009 when I first seen him via Justin. So that moment was crazy for me. We didn’t get photos with him but being able to stand and have a conversation with him was incredible and slightly insane. 6 years of waiting but we finally got a moment with Alfredo and it is one I will never ever forget.

Ariana’s set list was incredible also, every song you would want to hear was included, from early songs like Pink Champaign to newer songs like One Last Time, everything you would want from an Ariana Grande concert you got and I’m forever grateful I got to see her on her first ever world tour because it’s a day, a memory and a concert I will never forget.

Overall, if you know Ariana, either on this tour or on one in the future is coming to a city near you then definitely buy tickets and go, because Ariana’s voice is incredible and you will love every single second of it.

I for one will definitely be seeing Ariana as soon as she comes back to Birmingham because honestly it was one of my favourite concerts and I suggest you all go and see her if you get the opportunity to do so. We also spoke to those with meet and greets as they were seated in the first 3 rows in front of us and they said even though they were very expensive, they got a moment with Ariana to talk, hug, take photos and thank her and they wasn’t as rushed as people had complained in the past. Ariana was in an incredible mood and took multiple pictures with everybody. So if you ever get the opportunity to meet her then I would also go for it, because I for one will try my best to get meet and greets when possible.



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